Google Allo, a new messaging app from Google is finally available for download in the Google Play store in many countries. The app which was announced back in Google I/O alongside Google Duo, a video calling app, had a lot of people talking. So let’s find out what it is all about and is it worth a try?


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So what is Google Allo? Well, it is a new messaging app from google which combines the vast database of Google Now and intelligence of Google Assistant. It also is a direct competitor to iMessage, a popular messaging app in the IOS space. After the failure of Hangouts, Google wanted to create something that was intuitive and at the same time fun to use. Hence Google Allo is here to meet up that shortcoming with some nifty features baked into it. Let’s take a look at all of them.

  1. Google Assistant

    Google Assistant is the core feature of the new Google Allo app. It basically is like a human(is) version of Google now with whom you can chat. It smartly replies to all your question and performs various tasks for you. The bot replying to the message tries its best to give you a relevant answer. It also performs all the tasks like suggesting a restaurant, telling you the weather, and suggesting a movie just like Google now, but more intelligently.
    To be honest, I was blown away by this feature but at the same time was highly creeped out. This feature looks promising but it felt kind of weird chatting with a bot. And also it feels eccentric, as the assistant kind of reads all your messages for a better suggestion and stronger integration. Nevertheless, this feature is super useful and takes this app to the next level.

  2. Incognito Chat

    As I mentioned above, Google Assistant reads all your messages to provide you a better suggestion and a stronger integration. If you somewhat feel creeped out by this then you can use the Incognito chat offered by Allo. To put in simple words, you can chat without having Google Assistant read your texts all the time. Incognito chat also has an option to expire your chat, meaning the chat automatically gets deleted once the entered date expires.

  3. Smart Reply

    The smart reply is one of the reasons why assistant is constantly reading the texts you send. It reads them and generates quick replies that are relevant to the conversation. If you send a picture of a place, it recognizes it and gives you the details and the most relevant answers to it. Obviously like Google now, these replies get smarter as time goes by.

  4. The extra fun bits:

    2016 has been a year of stickers and emojis with thousands of option to choose from. Allo also follows the trend and integrates a ton of stickers and emojis into it. These help you be more expressive and also helps spice up the conversation. There is also a feature to doodle over a picture which is nothing new in the messaging space. But I am glad it is there as it is always fun to doodle over your friend’s face.
    Another fun feature is whisper and shout, which lets you either whisper a text (send a smaller text) or shout a text (send a magnified text). This helps you be more expressive with your words. Let’s say if you are telling a secret you can whisper it and if you are mad about something you can shout the text. You can easily access this feature by sliding up or down the reply button.
    So in verdict, the Google Allo is a fun and powerful messaging app which takes messaging to a whole new level. It has a good set of features and, a smooth and clean user interface. I highly recommend everyone to try this app as it is amazing. I really enjoyed using this app and have high hopes for it. It, however, is a let down that many of contacts don’t use this app. On the bright side, you can text contacts who use hangouts through this app. It notifies them that the message is sent from Google Allo and requests them to download it. You can also send an invitation to friends who don’t use Allo through SMS.
    So this was a quick look at all the features of the Google Allo app. For more reviews and tech news like these follow us on Facebook and subscribe to GIS Nepal.

Samrat is a tech enthusiast who admires technology and its being. He is a die hard anime fan and loves reading. He also makes tech videos on Youtube for Phones In Nepal.


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