Accurate Accessories Brand Launched in Nepal [Price List]


A new mobile accessories brand- Accurate has officially entered Nepal. Bhavik International, the company that is launching the brand believes that there is a dire need for quality accessories brand in Nepal.

In the initial phase, Accurate is coming up with the following accessories for phones and laptops:

  • Accurate Wired Earphones
  • Accurate Bluetooth Earphones
  • Accurate Bluetooth Speaker
  • Accurate Power Bank (1000mAh and 20000mAh with USB-C input)
  • Accurate Power Adapter with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3 support
  • Accurate Charger for iPhone/ iPad
  • Accurate USB-C Data Cable
  • Accurate Micro-USB Data Cable
  • Accurate Lightning Cable

As time goes, the company plans to add more products to the portfolio.

What makes Accurate different from the competition is the fact that Accurate is a Nepal based brand. Sure, the products aren’t manufactured in Nepal (they are in China) but the holding company has power when it comes to the design and manufacturing process.

What it means is, Accurate can sell products that the Nepalese consumers demand.

In addition to that, Accurate products aren’t a direct knock-off of Apple or Samsung products. Instead, they seem to have their own design and unique features.

Accurate Products come with a 6-month to a 1-year warranty

Accurate Bluetooth Earphone

If you have even visited New Road or Mahaboudha to buy mobile accessories, you have noticed that none of the accessories like data cable and chargers come with any kind of warranty. If anything, they will come with a 10-day warranty and nothing more.

It’s the same story with the earphones. If you are buying an earphone for under Rs. 500, chances are, you aren’t getting any kind of warranty on it. Well, with Accurate products, you are getting at least a 6-month warranty. Some products like power banks have a 1-year warranty.

Heck, even the Accurate AE-04 earphone which is the entry-level earphone from Accurate (priced at Rs. 199) comes with a 6-month warranty.

Accurate Products Price in Nepal

S.NO Model Name MRP
1 Accurate I8 10000mAh POWERBANK 1999
2 Accurate L10 10000mAh POWERBANK 1999
3 Accurate X20 20000mAh POWERBANK 2999
4 Accurate X11 10000mAh POWERBANK 1499
5 Accurate AC-01 Apple Fast Charger 899
6 Accurate AC-02 Micro USB Fast Charger 2.4A 599
7 Accurate AC-03 Micro USB Fast Charger 2.0 399
7 Accurate AC-04 Type-C Fast Charger 3.0 799
7 Accurate AC-04 Micro USB Fast Charger 3.0 799
8 Accurate AC-05 Micro USB Fast Charger 3.0 799
9 Accurate AC-07 2in1 USB Charger 250
10 Accurate AC-06 2USB Fast Charger 350
11 Accurate AC-05 Type-C Fast Charger 3.0 799
12 Accurate AK-1 DataCable Micro USB 299
13 Accurate AK-1 DataCable Type-C 324
14 Accurate AK-1 Data Cable IOS 349
15 Accurate AK-2 Data Cable Micro USB 299
16 Accurate AK-2 Data Cable Type-C 324
17 Accurate AK-2 DataCable IOS 349
18 Accurate AL-36 Bluetooth Neck Band Headphone 2000
19 Accurate AE-02 YS Earphone 299
20 Accurate AE-04 Earphone 199
21 Accurate AE-01 Earphone 325
22 Accurate AE-03 Earphone 375

So, this is the Accurate Accessories Price in Nepal. You can buy all the Accurate products in Kathmandu and its outskirts. The company is also looking to expand all over Nepal.

In addition to that, you can buy Accurate products through Daraz.

What do you think of Accurate products? Let us know in the comments section down below.


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