Accurate Truly Wireless Earbuds Long-Term Review


Accurate is a fairly new phone accessories brand in Nepal that has been getting a lot of attention lately. I have been using the company’s HX-03 Truly Wireless Earbuds for over 2 months now. And here’s a long-term review of it.

The Accurate HX-03 is available in two colors- Black and White. I got to test the Black variant of the earbuds and I had a really good experience using it. Let’s start with the packaging and the Design of Accurate HX-03.

Design and Unboxing Experience

accurate-hx-03-bluetooth-earbuds-review-nepalUnboxing the Accurate HX-03 is a pleasant experience. The box is made from an attractive paper-ish material. Opening the box revealed another box that housed the Accurate HX-03 earbuds cradle. Beside it rested a USB-C cable. Yes, that’s right, this truly wireless earbud cradle charges via USB-C cable. Sweet, isn’t it?

Pairing Process and Connectivity

There was also a handy manual in the box that I didn’t have to use. The pairing process was fairly easy and straight-forward. All I had to do was pop out the earbuds from its charging dock and the two buds paired with one another instantaneously.

After that, I fired up the Bluetooth on my phone and the phone discovered the earbuds (named HX-03) instantly. A tap and the earbud was connected to my Android phone without any fuss.

To disconnect the earbuds from the phone, either you turn off the Bluetooth on your phone or you simply put back the buds inside the charging cradle.

Talking about the range, it maintains a good range of around 6 meters with a wall in-between. When there was more distance between the phone and the earbuds, I was experiencing lag and/or break in the signal.

Everything about the Accurate HX-03 isn’t great, however. While the earbuds are great for listening to podcasts and music, it isn’t the case while watching movies.

I watched a couple of episodes of ‘Friends’ on Netflix and there was a noticeable lag in the delivery of the audio. And it wasn’t just me who noticed the delay. Another non-tech friend of mine too found it weird that the audio wasn’t syncing with the video image.

It’s not unusual for a Bluetooth earphone/headphone to have an audio latency issue. There are hardly any Bluetooth audio devices that are as flawless as wired headsets. But the Accurate HX-03 has a lag that fares worse than the rest.

Sound Quality of the Accurate HX-03


Here comes the important part- the sound quality. If I have to summarize the sound quality of the Accurate HX-03 in one word, it would be good. Not great but good. To be completely honest, I hadn’t expected anything better. You shouldn’t too.

For just Rs. 3,199, it’s hard to get a fully wireless quality earbud with a year warranty. If you aren’t an audiophile, chances are, you won’t mind the sound quality too much. And after several days of use, I stopped noticing the fact that there are better sounding earphones out there. I was enjoying the wireless experience the HX-03 offered.

For general music listening and consuming Youtube content, you should be happy with the HX-03. Having said that, I will be honest- there are better sounding wired earphones you can get around for a similar price. But note that I am talking about wired earbuds.

Battery Life

This is one department where I have zero complaints. On a single charge, the Accurate HX-03 lasts for 3-4 hours. The charging case adds an additional 8-9 hours to the playback time.

Personally, I had to charge the earbuds only twice a week. For me, I have been surpassing the company claims regarding the battery life of the Accurate HX-03.

The charging case is fast to charge too. I was able to charge the earbuds (along with the charging case) in around one hour. The best bit- the case charges via USB-C and not the now ancient Micro-USB cable.

Conclusion: Should you buy the Accurate HX-03?

If I were in a search for budget TWS earbuds, I would certainly consider the Accurate HX-03. This Accurate earbuds have good sound quality, great battery life, and come with a 1-year warranty. The earbuds fit quite well in the ears too.

Not everything is perfect, though. There is a noticeable lag if you plan to watch a movie with these earbuds on. Also, the design of the buds itself could be fancier. As it is, the earbuds look quite generic and don’t stand out in any way.

Accurate Bluetooth earphone

For the price, it’s really hard to beat the Accurate HX-03. However, if you are willing to stretch your budget, you may want to look at other options such as the Mi Truly Wireless Earbuds.

Also, if you want a wireless earphone and it doesn’t necessarily be a TWS, you may want to look at something like the Accurate Bluetooth Earphone. It costs just Rs. 2,000 and has exceptional sound quality. The battery life is also just as good.


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