AdBlock should be banned!

AdBlock should be banned!

Application and web browser extensions like AdBlock and AdBlock Plus should be banned and users should be discouraged to use such programs. Many users don’t understand the consequences of using such apps.

It sure is fun to surf the web without ads but there are many disadvantages of doing so. Website publishers and bloggers work very hard and the only way they can earn is by putting up ads in their websites.  The only way the publishers earn money is by putting up ads. Most websites run that way. We, the publishers write content, give information to the users and live our life by the hard earned money from the ads. Some big websites may not solely depend on ads but smallers websites certainly do. When, we the publishers/bloggers give so much of information to the users and ask them no kind of help at all. Ask for yourself! 3 Ads in a page is not that annoying ,is it? We know that there are some websites which put up more “Ads” in their websites than content! But, trust me, they are just minority.

Please avoid using AdBlock and help everyone!

If you look the other way around, ads are not bad at all.  Ads are no scams either. Ads now a days are much better than you expect. You can actually get what you are looking for a cheap price via Ads . I don’t know about all advertising agents but Google Adsense works just as promised. You will be redirected to your destination when you click on any Google Ad. Blocking ads can lead you to miss deals and exclusive offers which are for real. Once you get used to ads, you will find out that they are not annoying at all. Ads help both publishers and readers in various ways. Ads are the only reason for the Internet to run so smoothly. Ads make flow of money which encourages publishers to write content. Many publishers solely depend on revenue earned by Ads. If publishers don’t earn enough money, they will end up writing content and the readers too will be affected.Ads are part of Internet and they should be left the way they are. Blocking ads will have adverse effect on everyone. By viewing ads, you will help the publishers earn revenues. One way or the other, you will be benefited.

Let me tell you my part of the story to you guys. I too have ads running in my blog and Google has been sincere enough to help me earn some money. When I check my account and find my revenue is up and going, I really feel like adding up content in the blog which ultimately helps everyone. When my revenue is down, I don’t feel like blogging that much. In short, it is the readers who encourage bloggers and website publishers to write content and move ahead. In exchange, we provide people with quality content and this is exactly how “The Internet” works. And there are “AdBlock” and “AdBlock” applications which ruin the flow. They really create mess in the ecosystem. So, after reading this post, do try and realize the consequences of using such extensions. Also spread this post if you found this post true. Thank you for reading my post. Stay tuned and stay updated!



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