Allocacoc hosts Bloggers meet, talks about plans for CAN


Allocacoc is a relatively new accessory maker company to hit the Nepali market and the product that they are offering is very much different from what we are used to. They are offering a range of chargers, extension cords, speakers and cable management cables preventing your desk from looking cheap. Sammy Traders Pvt Ltd, the sole authorised distributor of Allocacoc products conducted a bloggers meet through which we got to know about all their products and accessories.allocacoc-nepal-bloggers-meet-technonepal

Disclaimer: If you are reading this post within the day it is published, you are in luck!

We got to know that Allocacoc will be participating in Subisu CAN CommTech 2016 and they will be hosting a range of products at a discounted rate throughout the event.

1.  Power USB cable – Nrs 490 // CAN Offer price Rs.350
2. Powercube Original – Nrs 690  //CAN Offer price Rs.550
3. Powercube Original USB – Nrs 1190 //CAN Offer price Rs.1000
4. Powercube Original Remote Single – Nrs 1290 //CAN Offer price Rs.1000
5. Powercube Original Remote Set – Nrs 1790 //CAN Offer price Rs.1500
6. Powercube Extended – Nrs 890 //CAN Offer price Rs.750
7. Powercube Extended USB – Nrs 1290(Out of Stock)
8. Powercube Extended Remote Single – Nrs 1490 //CAN Offer price Rs. 1350
9. Powercube Extended Remote Set – Nrs 2490 // Powercube Original Free with CAN Offer price Rs.2450
10.Powercube Rewirable USB type UK – Nrs 1590 //CAN Offer price Rs.1500 and Free USB Cable
11.Powerbar EU – Nrs1190 (Out of Stock)
12.Powerbar USB – Nrs 1290 //CAN Offer price Rs.1250 and Free USB Cable
13.Powercube Rewirable UK – Rs.1290 //CAN Offer price Rs.1000
14.Audiocube |Portable|- Rs.7500 //CAN Offer price 6900 Powercube Original for free
15.Audicoube |Portable| Timber Wood- Rs.9500 //CAN Offer price Rs.8500 with free Powercube Original USB
16.Power USB HUB – 1350 // Combo Offer Rs.1450 with Free USB cable

can stallWe got to play with Allocacoc products and we were quite impressed with a lot of their products. One that personally drew my attention was the Powercube Original Remote where you could operate a multi-port power adapter with a remote that didn’t use a battery! Nope, it isn’t solar-powered either. We got to know that it works with the force you use to press the button. Also, for the price, we found the audioCube Bluetooth Speaker to sound really good (battery life is yet to be tested).

If you are going to CAN, make sure that you visit Stall No. e-17 to get yourself an Allocacoc product! As always, thanks for reading this post. Do follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


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