Apex Digital to open 40 chain stores by 2073


Apex Digital, a part of Apex Group, is about to open 40 chain stores in Nepal by 2073 B.S. The chain stores will be selling the latest gadgets in a way we have never before in Nepal.

Apex Digital is about to change the way how Nepalese people shop for a smartphone. And they plan on doing so by opening chain stores with the state-of-the-art technology at multiple parts of the country. According to Apex Digital, its primary goal with the chain stores is to break the monopoly that is prevalent in the smartphone space here in Nepal. Not only that but they also want to provide various smartphones under the same roof delivering convenience to the consumers


That is good and all but what is unique about Apex Digital? Well, they are unique from others as they will be providing some type of schemes throughout the year. They also will be offering a discount scheme ranging from 5% up to a mind-boggling 50% through a scratch card system. And it doesn’t just end there; they also will be providing different gifts with each purchase of a smartphone depending on the price. And probably the most unique and mind-blowing feature that they have is the ability to display all the specification of a smartphone when you pick it up from the many booths found in the store. You will also be able to compare two smartphones just by picking up a second phone in your hands. All this is displayed in real time on a screen above each of the respective booths. I mean how cool is that!

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Some of the brands and booths they will have are:

  • iPhone
  • Gionee
  • Samsung
  • HTC
  • Oppo
  • ZTE
  • Lenovo
  • Xiaomi

Expect to see smartphones from these brands once the Apex smart shops open. And speaking of opening, the first Apex Digital smart store opens from today (3rd October) in Pako, Newroad. They will then slowly open other chain stores throughout the nation. By the end of 2016 expect to see about 20 such chain stores in different parts of Nepal.

Overall we love the concept of the chain store and are drooling to test the smart technology integrated into them. We applaud Apex Group for thinking about the welfare of consumers before anything else. This definitely is an innovative step which will bring a major shake-up in how smartphones are bought and sold here in Nepal.



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