Battery – That seriously needs an Update!

Battery - That seriously needs an Update!
Battery of Smartphones need serious improvement!

So, you have got a new smartphone? It must really be awesome. A quad-core processor along with 3 GB RAM should really make it a beast. How can we forget about the 1080p Display in your smartphone?¬†Everything is so fast with the Dual-Band Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connection, isn’t it?Smartphones have changed a lot since 2008. In fact everything has changed about smartphones. Or maybe I am wrong! Everything expect battery life has been improved.

Doesn’t matter which super phone you are carrying, one day or the other, you’ll feel frustrated about its battery life. Technology has changed since the day one but the battery life has remained the same. Except for some phones like Motorola Droid Razr Maxxx which has a huge battery, you will need to carry your charger wherever you go! CPU in a ¬†smartphone has been upgraded, RAM has been added and display has been improved but battery is still the same. Especially with HTC mobiles, all you can care about is the battery life of your smartphone which is honestly horrible.

Battery - That seriously needs an Update!
Low Battery notification is frustating!

Why has there not been a change in battery technology? Smartphone manufactures too have realized the fact that poor battery performance is the problem of every consumers but there is really nothing they can do. If they put up a big battery in a smartphone, people will find it bulky and normally won’t be attracted to it. Battery is a form of energy. Like the CPU, they can’t be over compressed and made smaller. What we really need is a smaller battery which can power your device effectively and give huge power backup. There are inventions of small sized battery with larger mAh capacity but they are extremely expensive to be kept in a smartphone. The other problem smartphone manufactures face is that such small batteries dry out over a period of years and are expensive to replace.

So, until a miracle happens, we will have to be happy with what ever kind of battery we have. Battery in our smartphone really needs an update but we are likely not to see that in the near future.

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