Best Graphics Cards in Nepal for 2013

Nvidia Geforce GTX 560TI

Are you in the dilemma on the way of buying a graphics card for your computer in Nepal? Don’t worry because TechnoNepal is here with deals of best graphics card in Nepal. From casual gaming to extreme gaming or any above average graphics task we need graphics card. As a writer of Techno Nepal I should provide Nepalese people with information on graphics cards compatible for them and the market available products.

The process of collecting information about graphics card was boring and personally I found out that the shopkeepers in some shops are very poor in customer service and obviously their manners sucked too. At first the shopkeepers don’t know of graphics cards much.When you ask them they’ll say that they have good Nvidia graphics card.They don’t know the series or OEM and clearly the market lacks ATI Radeon.For ATI Radeon you must contact authorized MSI distributors like Ocean Computers in New Road.Let me make you aware first that in this generation you will need Direct X 11 to play or even open new games so don’t buy GPU such as GT210 or Radeon 4560

ATI Radeon 5450

At first you must know your requirement, then you should know about your PC then you should know of the budget. If you are a casual gamer then you can settle down with a good GPU and if you are a high level extreme enthusiast gamer then you need to buckle up. It’s your decision to decide which Gamer you are but then you need to look out for your CPU and ensure that you GPU won’t bottleneck.Bottleneck is the condition when the Processor’s restriction wont allow full power of GPU.So make sure you have good CPU i.e minimum a Dual Core Processor for low end and Quad Core processor for high end. Next thing is you should have good power supply to power up the GPU.Normally nepaleese people use 450W PSU and some even use 550W PSU.If you are going to use high end GPU like Nvidia GTX 660 then you will need aroung 700W PSU.You can find that in some shops.

url1)NVIDIA Geforce GT 520

This is a low end GPU for casual gamers.It is available in 1GB DDR3 with PCI E2.0 X16 compatibility. This can suport games like Battlefield 3 in medium to high settings. It is available in market at around Rs 5000-6000.

2)NVIDIA Geforce GT 610

This is also low end GPU for casual gamers.It is available in 1GB DDR3 with PCI E2.0 X16 compatibility. This is a card upgraded from GT520.There is not so much increase in performance.Only you get is a new firmware and new series.It is available in market at around Rs 6000-6500.

3)ATI Radeon 5450

This is another low end GPU for casual gamers.It gives performance at the level of Geforce GT 520 and GT 610.It is available in market at around Rs 5500.Most of Radeon of low end have many problems except for high end series.Still it is good enough for opening.

4)NVIDIA Geforce GT 630

This is a medium end GPU for gamers.It is available in 2GB DDR3 with PCI E2.0 X16 compatibility. This can suport games like Battlefield 3 in high settings and also play other games and high settings . It is available in market at around Rs 10,500.

5)NVIDIA Geforce GTX 560Ti

This is a high end GPU for  gamers. This can support latest games titles in high settings. You can edit HD content and render digital images using this GPU with good power. It is available in market at around Rs 18,000.

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  1. Bro nvidia 740 m ko kati parcha any idea?? Ki ta equivalent one?? Please i horribly want to play fifa 15 and i got only nvidia gt 210 a low end graphics card by any manner. Any suggestion on graphics card is highly recommended man.. Thanks in advance!

  2. Hello. Does pci express 1 support all of these too? I am confused whether pci2 gc wont work on my motherboard or does it give limited performance only?


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