Best Internet Service Provider (ISP) of Nepal – 2019


Another day, another ISP. Well, not really! But the number of ISPs we have right now in Nepal is just staggering! Sure the number of Internet users are increasing, but the number of ISPs is increasing in twice the rate. With so many options, it becomes hard for consumers to select the best service provider. Hope this article will help you select the right one!

Let’s get straight to the point! The top 5 ISP’s of Nepal are:

  • WorldLink
  • Vianet
  • Subisu Cablenet
  • Otel
  • ClassicTech

There are also other ISP’s like NetMax Technologies, Mercantile Communications, Global Internet, AccessNet Communication, etc which are not very popular. The above 5 ISP’s( those listed in Bullets ) offer the best service and good value for your money. Also, they are wide-spread unlike some of the other ISPs. In addition to that, many of these have various packages available like Night Time Internet Access Package, Volume Based Package, Unlimited Package, etc. The price of the service varies from ISP to ISP.

The Best Internet Service Provider (ISP) of Nepal has to be Worldlink. Yes, I know many of you are going to bash me for this. I am currently a WorldLink user and I have my own share of ups and downs! I had been using WorldLink for more than 5 years and the service just keeps getting better. Worldlink was a little on the expensive side but the company has been adding better service for the same price. Service both in terms of speed and reliability. With my earlier ISP Vianet, I had to call at their customer service every once in a while.

ntc-adsl-isp-provider-nepalPrices of NTC ADSL is Rs. 800+taxes for 5MBPS Internet Speed. Also, volume-based packages are available which offer much more bandwidth(Internet Speed) but there is a threshold on how much Internet you can use. You can find more about the Volume Based package by clicking this NTC ADSL link. 

ADSL users hardly face any technical difficulties as the system is very reliable. But if you do, you are in big trouble. The customer support is downright awful. You know how government offices react to phone calls! Half of the time, the customer service number will be busy and when the phone rings, nobody will receive at the other end. But this won’t be much of a concern to most of us as the Internet up-time in more than 95%. For now, the best Internet Service Provider (ISP) of Nepal has to be ADSL.

The No.1 Contender for the ISP prize-fight battle is Subisu CableNet. Though not the bessubisu-internet-isp-nepalt Internet Service Provider (ISP) of Nepal, Subisu Internet is very popular among people. The reason people choose Subisu Internet over other ISP is its low cost as well as the good service it provides. You get decent internet speed with Free Clear TV. the TV service was and still is the USP that Subisu provides to its customers. This is indeed a very good service where users can enjoy the best of both worlds. The Youtube Videos stream flawlessly in Subisu CableNet and the download speed is also very good.

The only problem is that Subisu CableNet has reliability issues. Some time of the day it works crazy fast, other times, the connection speed reminds you of dial-up network connection. Also, at times the Internet doesn’t work at all. The Customer Service Support is good and much better than that of NTC.

These are the two best ISP’s available right now. If you have to choose, do chose from any of these two. If these service providers are not available to you, go for WorldLink.

Worldlink is Ncell in the world of ISP. Looking at their advertisements, one is very likely to fall in their net. I did! In their ads, we can see that they provide very high bandwidth (fast internet speed) for very little money. They from time-to-time come up with an attractive scheme which will lure even the geekiest of people.

For the first few years, the internet speed and reliability wasn’t all that good. But now, I rank it as the best IPS for consumers. Customer Service is fantastic too! For the money, you get a lot with WorldLink.

If you have any questions or suggestions, do leave a comment below. Stay tuned and stay updated.


  1. Dipesh,

    What criteria did you select to rate the ISP’s. As far as I understand, the internet service of NTC is by far worst. The support service is next to none and the internet service disrupts time and again.

  2. i’m a worldlink user and ‘m planning to shift my isp.
    it is the worst isp all over the nation.
    neither only there is problem while surfing but their support is very bad.haven’t replied to my slow connection problem; have called least 5 times but still no result.

    in my view wlink is the worst there is, so don’t go after its schemes coz ‘m sure u will regret

  3. Guys, I bought Subisu cable net 1 Mbps dedicated line and still keeps dropping (at least twice a day). Very disappointed!

  4. BroadLink is so painfully slow and also logs me out every 5 min. I feel like anything else would be an improvement. Any suggestions?

  5. Broadlink sucks – sucks your money not only internet money but also your phone money coz you have to call them several times a day to complain and they aren’t that helpful enough. They’ll rectify the problem but after some time it’s dead again. Hopeless! Almost all internet service providers have the same problem as I read the review.

  6. Websurfer is one of the best isp I ever found in KTM. Customer service awesome. Technician pickup phone even at 9 PM. I am fully satisfied

  7. smooth video streaming at 128 kbps?????

    Very fast download at 20kbps (actual download speed)

    Come on find another way of promotion.

    • NTC has actual download speed of 128kbps dedicated to Youtube. That is why you can stream 360p (sometimes 480p) with ease… 🙂

  8. Operators of subisu do respond in phone but not in action. There is no internet connection for atleast 2-4 hrs a day even if you subscribe for 24/7 unlimited internet, esp. if you are living in kalanki area in kathamandu. When inquired why, they say that they have backup problem and willl solve it soon. I am hearing same excuse for last 2 months. i am subisu subscriber and am too disappointed with Subisu.

    • I was about to change my mind from ntc adsl to install subisu n i stay at chhauni .should i or it be mistake or regret later.can u guide me?

      • i think subisu is better for us in bandwidth 512kbps but it depends on ur distance of tower….if subisu tower is near by you then it is faster than ntc adsl…………

  9. There are no any good ISP yet I have found in my country. However I must say that you should try new ISP which are just evolving and they are pretty cheap, try them out. I hate Subisu, NTC as I have suffered so many problem.

    Here are some of my views for them::

    NTC Support: Either always busy tone or you will be guided to check if “light” is bleeping or not in your router. SHit!! I am using NTC for 4 years and I know how to use them you dump NTC operator .

    Subisu Support: Pretty good at taking phone call as I think there is some sort of software in their computer which helps operator what to say next for the customer. (Random Problem Generator) .
    i) Your area has frequency problem,
    ii) Well there has been quiet a problem of technical at your locality.
    iii) We will send person tomorrow after 10am
    iv) Wait we will send you internet after few min.
    What the hell!! I know bandwith =money for ISP and subisu has the rules(software) inside which stops certain client randomly with in few interval gaps. The funny part is how can Subisu operator send internet with in 5 min though they said there are some problem in my locality.

    This is the truth that I reckon for big ISPs of Nepal. Last but not least WorldLink is known as WorstLink 🙂

  10. “ADSL users hardly face any technical difficulties as the system is very reliable”!! WTF sites like this that provide wrong informations should be taken down

  11. Subisu is the worst. They always have some Technical, they say they will send technician but they won’t send,maybe next day. Done with this Subisu shit

  12. I have recently installed internet from OTEL. They are pretty good in terms of customer service. They offer unlimited internet at much lower price, and the speed is good too….1 Mbps.

  13. ntc is worst than other isp becoz i can’t talk in skype even in nepal also… speed of adsl is 17 or 18kbps……..browsing also take long time………my bandwidth is 192kbps and i pay rs.1017/mnth………

  14. Nepal Telecom is just absolutely the worst Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Nepal. I’ve been a user of Nepal Telecom’s ADSL internet service for seven years or so and I must admit that it is a bad choice as an Internet Service Provider. The download speed is absolutely appalling — I barely get five kbps of download speed and at times, it takes a minute or two to even download a 25 kbps file.

    WorldLink, on the other hand, seems to be a decent Internet Service Provider. I used WorldLink for a few days and the download speed in comparison to Nepal Telecom’s ADSL was so much, much, much, much more better. I was able to download big files and folders faster than I was ever able to whilst using Nepal Telecom’s server.

    mug bidesh ma kasto ramro internet service providers haru hunchan sala nepal ma 1 mbps ko pani speed hune kunai isp chhaina. birakta jindagi!

  15. And when I try to play a fucking online game during the daytime, it is once again, appalling. I have to wait till 11:15 AM and after I reset my router, the internet seems to be better — not in terms of download or upload speed but the latency/ping is better after I do so.

    After 08:00 AM in the morning and before 11:15 AM, the internet is really appalling — in terms of both latency/ping and download/upload speed (as usual).

  16. i am planing to chnage my isp frm worldlink to netmax …is netmax any good?i mostly use it to play online games via singapore servers:) should i change my area have netmax/subisu/adsl/wlink..any suggestion?

    • depends on what kind of connectivity you are playing with, cable/fiber is best for gaming wifi is ok, but with it’s changing signals you may experience a lot of lag in between. I myself play a lot of online multiplayer games. Can’t get good signal to play over wifi untill it’s mid-night . Also it’s recommended to have at least 1 mbps connection at least 😛

    • Ping is more important that just the speed ! I also have worldlink connection, data pack 10mbps , everything is fast and smooth, just the thing is My ping in most online games is around 112ms and sometimes 300ms in SE servers. 112ms works fine for me but you know even a slightest of delay will get you in trouble, I am trying to change my isp ! If you have changed your isp ,do inform me about the quality of the network !

  17. Well whatever may be one’s opinion, ntc is the worst ever and I don’t think there needs to be an explanation for it.
    Recent I have subscribed to Otel internet service and I must say is really good comparing the price (1050+vat 13%) and the speed (1mbps unlimited). Be online gaming or torrent, its really satisfying.
    And I hope otel will continue it

  18. I have used Otel , It is not the best but certainly good enough. Good than adsl but sometime we have to restart router for internet connection. 8.5 out of 10

  19. i made an account on this website just to say that if you are searching for an isp in nepal NEVER take ADSL as an option. i say again never go for ADSL. writer is either out of his mind or a ADSL employee. After 2 years of struggle and suffering i finally managed to get new isp world link and life is easy now
    -honest ADSL pidit

  20. Currently I am using Broadlink and I am fed up, though the customer service is good the internet service is very bad. I was thinking to shift to Subisu. Is it good or no? Which ISP should I go with? Plz help me out

  21. friends, the most common problems of all isps over nepal is due to small bandwith and huge clients number. and also limited and obsolanced hardware epuipments. nepal govrmnt is totally indifferent to take strong action against isps loot, never care about the carelessness and clients money roberry bye these so called isps. so plz i request npl gvrmnt to take hard action against isps loot n regulate internet services reliabaly.


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