This is the Best Time to Buy a Television

This is the Best Time to Buy a Television

Televisions are great buy especially when you can find them on cheap and this may be the perfect time to make your purchase. FIFA World Cup 2014 is going on and most of the top manufacturers are providing certain discount in all their range of their Televisions. Sony, Samsung and LG have multiple schemes and we are certain that you will be interested in any of them.

This is the Best Time to Buy a TelevisionThere are other times when you can buy TVs for cheap too but without any doubt this is the best time. Dashain in Nepal and Black Friday in US have heavy discount schemes when it comes to buying television but not as much as what you can buy one for right now. You can buy a 32″ Sony Bravia Smart TV with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth for 65 thousand. You will get such offers only now. It’s original price is Rs.80,000. After a month the price will go back to normal.

Samsung is providing similar scheme. It is offering 32″ Full HD LED Smart TV for 68,000. Also, this T.V is 3D (active) compatible. With slim bezels and excellent display, you may want to check out this model as well. If you are interested in Samsung TV’s , check this article where we have listed the price of all Samsung TV’s in Nepal.

Most of the TV’s that you will find today are or either HD (720p) or Full HD (1080p). They can be bought for really cheap prices but that doesn’t mean that all of them are good. There is much more than resolution. Resolution is just a number just like “Mega Pixels”. It doesn’t determine the quality of the display, viewing angle and contrast of display. A HD display can look much better than Full HD display if the panel is of higher quality.

Like smartphones, televisions have gotten smarter too. You will find all kinds of “Smart” TVs today. They have in-built Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and even NFC. Yes, they have quad core processors too. What more could you really ask for? If you are buying TV ever, this is the best time. Televisions today are affordable, smart and deliver best picture quality.

Should I not wait for 4K TV’s? There are many 4K options available right now but there are barely any content in 4K. 4K is kind of a gimmick right now (only for now). 4K will come in real use only at least 5 years for now. If you are a customer who wants best TVs for the price, don’t even think about 4K. There are so many ways it can improve and it certainly will.

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