CAN Infotech 2014 : What is new?

CAN Infotech 2014 : What is new?

CAN Infotech 2014 started on 2nd January  2014. It is the most anticipated tech event in Nepal attracting lakhs of visitors every year. This years CAN event was no less.It attracted more than 6 lakh visitors in just 5 days which without a doubt is a great achievement. The event itself was really good.

CAN Infotech 2014 : What was new?The event is well organized and various schemes are introduced. Subisu was the title sponsor of CAN Infotech 2014 and they lived up to everyone’s expectation. They introduced IPTV which is the first of its ind.You can no watch TV from your computer if you opt in for Subisu ITV. Also, you are not forced to use Subisu Internet! You can join IPTV even if you are using other service providers service such as World Link and ADSL. Subisu IPTV is really advanced and will play any channel you wish to view without buffering issue ( Loading screen).They have also introduced optical fibre for high speed Internet.

Neoteric Nepal, the sole distributor of Dell laptops in Nepal has launched their own tablets in Nepal Yes, the tablets are made by Neoteric Nepal and are branded under the name “NEO”. They have launched 3 models of tablets. One of them is 10″, and the other two are 7″. The tablets they have launched are:

  • Neo W7 – Rs.8,000
  • Neo i7   – Rs. 15,000
  • Neo i10 -Rs.25,000

Tenda and Digicom are providing discounts on their routers as well as providing free gifts. You get a speaker free with Tenda router and 4GB/8GB Pendrive free with Digicom routers. Laptops are selling very well in CAN Inf-tech too! Laptops from HP, Dell and Lenovo are selling well. You can also get 50% off on 8D shows if you buy coupon from the event itself. Interested in Computer programming, Graphics designing? There are a lot of discounts that are being provided currently. Web hosting and domain registration is also done on cheap in this event which is a great deal for a lot of us.

CAN Infotech 2014 :  What is new?

You are into gaming? CAN has offers for you too. Graphics cards and processors of every kind are available in CAN. You can also find high-end motherboards and CPU’s in CAN. Monitors and TV’s also grabbed attention of consumers. 23″ Full HD monitors available for as low as Rs.14,000. You can get any kind of accessories in CAN Infotech such as HDMI Cables, OTG Cables, Gaming Keyboards and mouses, Portable Hard Disks up to 4TB and memory cards for cheap. There is nothing that you can’t find in CAN. There are products available that you can only imagine. Really! there are all kind of tech available in CAN Infotech 2014. You can build your own gaming Rig or buy yourself a Xbox. The thing that attracts a lot of people every year is discounts. You can grab deals that you can only imagine of. Huawei phones has also officially officially launched in Nepal. So, Samsung has got a new competition coming up from Huawei phones. Sony and Samsung both had their phones and cameras on display. Latest phones from Sony such as Sony Xperia Z1 and Sony Xperia Z Ultra was also put on display. Likewise, Not3 3 and Samsung Galaxy S4 was shown on the event too. MSI motherboards and graphics cards from various OEM manufacturers were put on display. High end CPU’s with liquid cooling system was made available yoo! CAN really showed that tech in Nepal has seriously improved in just a few years! CAN Infotech is really worth visiting. All it costs you is Rs50/student and Rs.100/non-student. Jan 7th is the last day of the event so you better hurry! And finally, thanks for reading my post!


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