Should you choose Itel as your Internet Service Provider (ISP)?


Itel Telecommunication previously known as Otel Telecommunication is one of the leading ISP of Nepal. They provide users with some interesting internet packages at an affordable price among other various telecommunication services.


But this leading ISP has been very problematic for the last month or so, at least for me and a few of my friends who use Itel. The internet connection is very poor with frequent disconnects.  And don’t even get me started on the slow internet speed, when and if it connects for a few minutes. It seriously is slower than the ADSL connection I owned previously. This is really disappointing considering the fact that it is a fiber connection.


My experience with Itel has been horrible for the last month. I have called up their customer service about a hundred times, talked to their representative only to find no solution. I have been doing this for the entire month, and seriously I am sick and tired of doing so. “Huncha Sir, hami herdinchau” is the only reply they give. And throughout the duration, they have been giving the same  reply without taking any action. Earnestly, Itel has the worst support service as this is not the first time they have done so.


Well, we all know that in this day and age the internet has become something we teenagers can’t live without. It has become a necessity more than a need. Let’s admit it we kind of have a mini panic attack when the internet disconnects.

I am no different from any other teenager and suffer similarly, on top of that being a tech reviewer I need a pretty fast and stable internet connection. I am constantly writing articles, uploading videos on Youtube (I make tech videos for GIS Nepal). And when I am not doing that, I am either researching about the latest tech news and gadgets or watching anime. So my point is, I need a stable internet connection for what I do, and Itel has become a hindrance in that for the past month. Having to do all that with a slow and frequently disconnecting Itel internet is kind of frustrating and maddening.


It is a shame to see a company that I thought had so much potential degrade like this. I really expected much from the company when I choose it as my ISP. I was compelled by what Itel had to offer. But now I kind of regret doing so. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to shade Itel as a company but the bad service they are providing. And this is not just a problem that I am facing but many of my friends who are using Itel are facing the same problem with no sign of any solution.

And also I am not trying to be insensitive towards the problems faced by the ISP. If there is a problem Itel should convince it to the customers, and I guess 1 month is more than enough time to solve any issue. I hope Itel addresses the contention and tries solving the problem as soon as possible (better late than sorry). But if they fail to do so, I might have to move on to another ISP. I hear Vianet is one of the viable options and I am highly considering it.


Anyway guys what do you think? Is anyone of you using Itel? If so, let us know how your experience has been with them. And for those not using Itel, do comment your current ISP and your experiences. We would love to hear them in the comments down below.

Some angry comments from Itel users


  1. I made a one year subscription with an offer of 2 extra monts, free router and cable. And the problem started right from the beginning. Not a single week went by without a problem usually slow connection. I even upgraded to 5 mbps from 1 mbps. I finally lost my patience after 10 month when things got even worse. I decided to cancel my subscription and demanded for refund of the remaining period. After almost a month after returning the router, they tell me I am only entitled to receive about 1000 rupees for the 4 and half month of subscription left. And that is their company policy. That is one hell of a robbing.


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