Daraz all set for the 2020 11.11 Sale event


For the third time in a row, Daraz is all but ready for the 11.11 sale day. Known in China as the “singles day sale”, 11.11 is the biggest sale even of Daraz in Nepal. 11.11 is also known as the “Global Shopping Festival” which is celebrated across many countries of the world.

During the sale, you can get deals and discounts on products in any category. If you have e-shopping activated cards from various banks, you will be able to get cashback up to Rs. 3,000 or 20%. Cardholders of Global IME Bank, Nabil Bank, Sanima Bank, NMB Bank, Mega Bank, Nepal Bangladesh Bank, NIC Asia Bank, Kumari Bank, Laxmi Bank, Century Bank, and Himalayan Bank are eligible for such discounts during 11.11. You will have to make sure that online payments are activated for your bank card, though.

You will be able to shop from around 5 lakh products sold by over 6000 sellers. We just hope that Daraz will be able to pull off this event, unlike Sastodeal which poorly managed the Dashain Mega sell just 15 days ago.


The Dara 11.11 sale is a 24-hour sale event where you are supposed to get discounts on flash sales, using vouchers, and also via pre-card payments. To test if your card works or not for online payment, you can also check out the Daraz 1 Rupee game where you can make the payment using your card. You will be refunded if you don’t win anything. If you win, however, you will get Rupee 1 game products for just Rs.1. Sweet, isn’t it?

We will update you on what deals you can expect on the Daraz 11.11 sale. You can find out more info about the sale using this link.


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