Direct X12 Revealation


Microsoft has introduced the new graphics API, DirectX12 at the Game Developers Conference (GDC). This is a new step in next gen games and gaming industry that can help developers implement simpler and hardware efficient games. Developers were unable to utilize full power of graphics resources before but this new API can change the gaming trend and visual performance in exponentially.See the announcement and feature of DX12 in DirectX12 Revealation.


dx12For the application of all advanced features such as multi core usage, full hardware resource utilization Microsoft developed DX12 for all platforms. This is a new and better chance for gaming industry to improve graphics and visual quality. Microsoft is not limiting DirectX12 for PC, it will be also available for XBOX One, and Microsoft Phones for better use and user experience. Xbox One now has full support to DirectX12 API.

Graphics card manufacturing

giants such as Nvidia and AMD will also bring Direct X12 support to their upcoming and previous graphics card. Nvidia GPU built on Fermi, Kepler and Maxwell will support DirectX12 (i.e. GeForce GTX 400 series and newer) and for ATI Radeon HD 7000 and newer will feature it. So I guess my Nvidia GeForce GT 520 is goanna pay off after a little overclocking. Intel’s new fourth generation Haswell processors will fully support DX12. The processors with Iris Pro Graphics will only support Direct3D API.

The Direct X API support will be extended to all devices such as PCs, Xbox One, tablets and even phones. Nvidia will support DX12 on all the latest DirectX11 supporting devices from Fermi, Kepler and Maxwell architectural families. We expect new drivers to launch soon and anticipate seeing drastic gaming revolution. Actually we haven’t seen many games that totally depend on DirectX11 but we expect to see such development for DX12. The new DirectX12 will work on reducing CPU overhead and will provide rich and fantastic pixel and graphics with efficient hardware use. It claims to provide console like execution environment. It is closely developed by Nvidia and Microsoft so I assume the performance for Nvidia GPU will be a lot better.


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