Galaxy Note 7: Final Leaks and Rumors


I have been a Note user for the longest of time as there is really something about the Samsung made Note devices that intrigues me to want to keep coming back to them. I, however, opted out for the last years Galaxy Note 5 as it had too many short comings that made the Note, well the Note. The lack of a Micro SD card slot, a smaller battery and a non removal battery didn’t comply with my requirements. This year the story is different as Samsung looks to correct most of its short comings of the Note 5 by giving the consumers what they want. To be honest I am super excited about the Galaxy Note 7 and here are some of the reasons why you should be too. So guys these are all the things we know as of right now about the Note 7 :

  1. New and better hardware:
                                   There will be no major revamp in the design department itself with the Galaxy Note 7. But where change can be found will be in the internal hardware of the phone. The phone is rumored to be powered by the Exynos 8893 or the Snapdragon 821 processor. The phone is also expected to have either 4 GB  or  6 GB of RAM.
  2. USB Type-C:
                                   It is about time that Samsung adopted the USB Type-C in their smartphones. Samsung is late in adopting it as many manufacturers have already done so. However, it is good that Samsung is planning to adopt it with the release of Note 7.

  3. IP68 Dust and water resistance:
                                    Samsung was able to pull off a water and dust resistance body while still retaining its stylish looks. Its no surprise, Samsung would bring this feature to the Note 7 as the Galaxy S7 was well praised for this feature.
  4. Improved S Pen:
    S pen is what differentiates this phone from others and makes it a Note device. Many people find the S Pen to be useless, but personally i really love the S Pen and use it most of the times. Since this a Note device, it is safe to assume that there will be some changes to  the S Pen.
     There will be also many new features added to the S pen in the software side of  things. A new and improved Note app and a screen capturing of parts of the screen option are some new features we have heard that will be coming to the new note.

  5.  Bigger battery:
    Last years Note had very poor battery life and didn’t live up to its name. The actual battery size itself was small as it was traded for a thinner design. And taking a look at the Galaxy S7 edge it is safe to assume that it will have a battery bigger than 3600 mah.  The phone will  most likely have a 4000 mah non user removal battery.
    Watch: Samsung Unpacked event 2016 
  6. The next VR headset:
                                       With the launch of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is also going to unveil its next VR headset. The VR headset will come equiped with a USB Tpe-C connector to accommodate the Galaxy Note 7. It will also come in a brand new design.
  7. Iris Scanner:
                                       One of the key feature of the Note 7 is the Iris Scanner, first in the Android mobile industry. This new bio-metric may be useful for some while it may be a gimmick for many. Its pratical use is in places where you have to wear gloves and cannot use the finger print scanner. The Iris scanner comes handy in such scenarios.

  8. Edge or no Edge??:
                                        The recent leaks suggest that the Note 7 will come in just one variant, the edge variant. The edge feature undoubtedly looks amazing but not every users want and edge phone. If this rumor is true, many loyal fans will be disappointed including myself. Samsung may be taking some high risk here, given the success of the Galaxy S7 edge.
  9. Pricing and Availability:
    The Note 7 will be priced around $800 and in Nepal it will most probably cost around Rs 89,000. The phone is rumored to be available globally from the 3rd or 4th week of August. Nepalese Note fans may have to wait about a month or so for the official release here in Nepal.
    And, yes folks the wait is over, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be launching today (August 2) in an event in New York. You guys can watch the live event from the Samsung’s official website at 11 am (New York time)  while the Nepalese fan will have to tune in at 9 pm. These all leaks and rumors may not be 100% accurate and only once the Note 7  is officially unveiled the details can be conformed.

    Watch: Samsung Unpacked event 2016 

    Update: The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been launched and most of the leaks and rumors were true. The phone packs a Snapdragon 820 processor with 4 GB  RAM instead of the previous leaks that suggested the 821 Soc with 6 GB of RAM.                                


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