Get Started with Xbox One for just 499$

Get Started with Xbox One for just 499$
2013! Seems like this is the year for next-gen Game/Home Entertainment Consoles! With the announcement of PS4 and Xbox One, things are getting pretty competitive! Are you getting the Xbox One or the PS4?Get Started with Xbox One for just 499$I am sure you can’t decide yet! We haven’t even got opportunity to see what PS4 looks like far go its availability and pricing. With such circumstances, you won’t be able to decide which console you will be getting in 2013!However, we now know most of the facts about the Xbox One. We also know how it looks like and finally we know how much it will cost! It will cost 499$ plus many goodies. For the price , you get an Xbox One console with  500GB hard drive, Kinect motion sensor , one controller (wireless) , and a free two-week trial of Xbox Live Gold. It sure is pricy but you are getting a lot of goodies out of the box as well. The new kinect is a lot superior and has much more to show off! PS4 is more powerful than Xbox One but that really doesn’t matter. Even the PS3 was more powerful than Xbox 360 but we could never experience that in real-time. The Xbox One has AMD Octa core processor clocked at 1.8GHz and next generation AMD Graphics card. For multi-tasking the device is packed with 8GB DDR3 RAM.
The Kinect is also much advanced than its predecessor.  It can now record videos in 1080p Full HD which sounds really good at least on paper. What’s more, it is deeply integrated into the system and many cool voice features as well. You can even start up or close the system by your voice. The camera gets a really wide-angle treatment. Xbox One is bigger in every way than the PS4. Xbox One is full of entertainment features which puts it well ahead of PS4 in this sector!
So, that’s it guys, you can get Xbox One for 499$ and will officially launch this november! Stay tuned and stay updated!

Source: GSMArena



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