Gionee A1 Plus and Gionee A1 Lite set to hit Nepali market


Gionee may not be a brand that the whole world knows about. When I was talking to a friend who apparently is an American, he was like “What Gionee?” But in this side of the world which includes China, India and Nepal, Gionee sells like crazy. I am sure you have seen posters, ads and banners of Gionee all around especially if you reside in Kathmandu.

gionee-a1-lite-a1-plus-nepal-technonepalGionee has phones of all price ranges today. Initially, when they had entered the Nepali market, they had only budget models. But today, the range of phones have extended quite a bit. But never have there been a model to cross the Rs.35,000 mark. And that’s going to change.

Gionee Nepal is all set to launch the Gionee A1 Plus in Nepal (launching next week) as well as the Gionee A1 Lite. The Gionee A1 Plus is the flagship phone from Gionee and will cost around Rs.50,000. It’s also the most expensive Gionee phone you can buy right now.

gionee-a1-plus-nepal-price-technonepalLet’s have a look at what Gionee A1 Plus has to offer:

  • 6.0″ Full HD LCD Display
  • MediaTek P25 MKT 6755 SoC
  • 20MP F2.0 Front Camera
  • 13MP+5MP Dual Rear Camera setup
  • 4GB of RAM
  • 32GB Internal Storage
  • Dual-SIM with 4G Connectivity
  • 4550mAh Battery
  • Maxx Audio

The phone is all set to launch next week. The price of Gionee A1 Plus is expected to be around Rs.50,000. We will keep you updated on this regard.

gionee_a1_plus-nepal-price-technonepalThe other phone Gionee is set to launch in Nepal is the Gionee A1 Lite. We don’t know much about the phone yet. All we know for now is that the phone will launch on 20th of June. You can expect the Gionee A1 Lite to be a down-sized version of the Gionee A1.

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