Global PC price hike affecting Nepali consumers

Photograph: Andrew Brookes/Corbis

Global PC price hike is affecting Nepali consumers. The increasing rate of American Dollar and our decreasing economic status is making our PC market very fragile and consumer unhealthy. This post is to inform consumers about price hike and some new rates of PC peripherals.Lately there was a fire in a Chinese factory that supplies a third of chips in world to manufacture RAM. This caused a dramatic hit on Asian market and the price of RAM has increased. The 2 GB DDR3 module was sold in the market a Rs 800 and then it creased to Rs 1100 and now it is at Rs 2000. The price of hard disk is going up and down very much. At first 500GB SATA3 HDD was priced Rs 3200 in the market then after flood in the Western Digital company in Thailand caused price hike up to Rs 7000 then it came back to Rs 3500 at the last CAN Info tech but now due to Dollar rise the cost is around Rs 5200.

The cost of motherboards and Processor is also at the peak. There are no average processors of around Rs 8000 in the market.The merchandisers are only selling high range processors like Core i3 or Core i5 to keep the high margins. The price of mother board has also rised due to new boards with natively high cost for the advanced processors support. I found that he market consistes of Main board only higher than Rs 5000 for the Core i family processors. The Core i5 2nd generation processor was sold in market at Rs 15000 which is now not available and the shop keepers only sell Core i5 of Rs 22000 to keep high profit. The price of graphics card has also increased. The GT 610 which was lately cost Rs 5000 is now at Rs 6500.

So we can see that there is a big price hike in the PC market doe to international price hike and the merchandisers margin keeping behaviour. So I srongly suggest Nepali consumers to postpone their PC upgrade programme and wait till CAN Infotech so that you can buy peripherals at discount and bonus


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