Google I/O: What to expect

Google I/O: What to expect

Google I/O 2014 begins today and here is what you can expect. Most of the announcements are going to be software  related and just like last year, we don’t expect any new hardware announcements. Google I/O is the biggest developers conference which attracts millions of developers each year. A major Android update announcement can be expected in this event.

googleio-420x267 Google I/O: What to expectRumours are that we will be seeing HTC made all aluminium construction Nexus 9 in the event but we highly doubt it. However, expect to see Google Glass update. A newer model of Google Glass sporting 2GB of RAM is expected to be unveiled in this event. The battery life is supposed to be improved as well in this newer model.

Android 4.5 Lollipop is going to be the star of the show. Along with system updates, expect UI design update in this new version of Android. The UI is gong to be all colourful and less dull looking. But along with these regular updates, this will be something very interesting integrated into Android 4.5. It is Google’s fitness app which will be called Android Fit. It will work in conjunction with your smart watch(more of that later) but can also run independently.

Here are some to the things that can be expected in the I/O event:

  • Android 4.5
  • Google Glass Update
  • Major UI update for Android
  • Wearable showcase from OEMs like Samsung, LG and Motorola
  • Google’s Fitness App

And this is what you can expect in new Android 4.5 Lollipop:

  • Newer, cleaner UI
  • In-built integration with Wearable like smart watches and fitness bands.
  • Better Power management
  • New Camera Interface
  • Improved resource management
  • 64-bit processing
  • Different UI for tablets
  • Faster app launch times thanks to ART

With Samsung,LG and Apple all going for health apps and wearable, Google has finally decided to take the leap. It’s version of fitness app will do all the usual health stuff like calculating the calorie burns and counting steps but will work even better with smart watches. Yes, you got us right. Android 4.5 is going to heavily focus on wearable and its integration into Android.

Google I/O, this year is going to be all about wearable. Along with software updates from Google, we will be seeing OEMs like LG, Samsung,Motorola and many more coming out with their Android wearable. Motorola Moto 360 is going to make its official début in the I/O event.

For developers, updated Android Developers tools will be available very soon. New tool is going to help making apps even simpler for amateurs.

These are the things you can expect in Google’s I/O event. What do you expect in the event? Leave your thoughts down below! You can catch us on our Official Facebook Page.


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