Google removes Google+ comments Integration from Youtube

Google removes Google+ comments Integration from Youtube
Yes, that’s right! Our old good YouTube commenting system is back. Some weeks earlier, Google had merged the YouTube commenting System and Google+ commenting system into YouTube just like they did with blogger (which is not mandatory,however).
Some people liked the new commenting system but most of the people were against it! The entire commenting system looked confusing and was to some extend filled with spams. There was confusion all around. In some comments, you could like it wile in the others, you couldn’t. There were hashtags everywhere and native YouTubers really didn’t like the feel of it. Actually, even I didn’t like it. The entire system looked messed up. People were shouting all over the place. Some people found it so horrible that they opened up petition against the new commenting system! Like always, Google has listened to us and reverted the changes that they had brought into YouTube. The Google+ integration is removed and everything is back to normal. But, it won’t be long until Google brings something new into Youtube. Google at least for now wants to merge all their platform into one. They have been doing it with Android as well. They had merged Hangouts and SMS. Google wants to run few services and offer best to the consumers. Google runs more than 50 major services and wants to lessen the numbers. They had merged Google+ and Youtube for users convenience but it didn’t work out as planned. So, Google has finally reversed their decision. Thanks for reading by post. Stay tuned and stay updated!
Update: It looks as though Google has not completely removed Google+ integration but made it more refined and more YouTube comment system like! Let’s see how this turns out to be!
Update 2: Google won’t remove Google+ comment integration from Youtube but apologizes for the inconvenience.


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