GPRS Settings for NTC


NTC is providing mobile data service through GPRS,EDGE and HSDPA system. Users need to first have a registered mobile with data service activated in their mobile.For this you have to go to NTC office and register your number. It is usually done in Pulchowk and Tripureshwor. You can simply get the data or internet(GPRS) settings by sending message to 1404.

Just send:GPRS-3G
“gprs” (nokia, lg, motorolla, indian etc)

“sagprs” (samsung mobiles)

“segprs” (sonyericsson mobiles)

“chgprs” (chinise mobiles)

to 1404 and you will recieve the setting.Save them using the code 
12345. Sometime you don’t recieve the settings so I have easy
solution for this too:

Go to settings in your phone 

and choose mobile network

1) Choose APN

2) Add new APN

3) Do as in the picture

   Name: ntc

   APN: ntnet

4)Save it
Now you will have a working data connection. It will give a 
“G” sign at the top which is “GPRS” i.e. most basic and slow
data service.You may also get “E” which is EDGE i.e. faster
2G data service and “H” for HSDPA which is fastest data 
service only available for 3G users. I have used all three in 
my phone and HSDPA is the best. It is best to make your 


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