How much RAM does iPhone 5s have

How much RAM does iPhone 5s have
Apple never mentions how much RAM they have packed inside their hardware. Looking at the internals, we have come to find out that iPhone 5s has the same 1GB RAM found on the iPhone 5.
How much RAM does iPhone 5s have
Some people may find the the amount of RAM used on iPhone 5s used very less as compared to Android phones. Android phones had been using 2GB RAM for ages and the recently introduced Note 3 has 3GB of RAM which just blows 1GB of RAM found on iPhone 5s out of water. But that really isn’t the case. iOS 7 really doesn’t need that much of a RAM. 2GB would have been a sweet spot as iOS 7 now supports true multi-tasking. But, I really have a big doubt about “True Multi-Tasking” on iOS 7 as apps refreshed in my iPad 3 time and again when I was using iOS 7 Beta. The place where I can feel the lack of RAM is web browsing. The browser refreshes automatically when we switch tabs which is clearly due to clearing memory. 1GB sounds less on paper but after a lot of optimization, it may just be enough for iOS 7. We also have to note that the multi-taksing is not pure multi-tasking that we see in Android where the OS caches the entire application in its RAM. That will make a lot of difference as well.

Hopefully, Apple has some sort of memory management built into iOS 7 in their master built. Non the less, iPhone 5s will be one of the hottest selling Smartphone in 2014!  So, that is it guys. Stay tuned and stay updated. Thanks for reading my post.

Update: After months of its release, people are finding no problem with 1GB RAM on iPhne 5s which is good to hear. The device is lag free and can multi-task really well. People are reporting that the battery life of this phone is also really good compared to its predecessor.



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