How to boost Windows 8 performance

How to boost Windows 8 performance

Have you just updated to Windows 8? Had you expected your new OS to be smooth and fast just as Windows 7? Yes, the Windows 8 is now what you had expected. With the new OS and the new UI, there are a lot of bugs and disappointments.How to boost Windows 8 performanceThe Metro UI may be breath-taking but it is also very demanding. Though the system requirements of Windows 8 as just like what was found in Windows 7, your system may not handle all the threads and processes your new OS performs.

The first reason Windows 8 doesn’t run properly in your computer is the lack of system requirements. If you have got some bucks, do invest it in upgrading your PC. Go and buy a new PC which has a touchscreen to make the best out of your Windows 8 operating system. Windows 8 is a lot of fun when you have a touch-screen desktop or laptop.
How to boost Windows 8 performance

If you think you meet all the requirement to run Windows 8 without lags, there are things you need to consider. Windows 8 is a completely new platform so you can expect it to have some lags which will of course be removed by Windows update itself. If that is the case all you can do is wait for the update to roll in. Do frequently check for system updates. Make sure Automatic update is turned on your Windows 8. Also, you can check the Microsoft website and download updates manually if you find specific problem in your new OS.
There are several bugs that are reported by users running Windows 8 but many of them were found due to users own lack of skills. so, make sure you have installed or updated to Windows 8 properly without any errors. Also, you experience a lot of unusual problems, you can simply install a fresh copy of Windows 8 in your computer. Make sure your disc is not corrupt and your hard-disk is virus free as even Windows 8 is prone to viruses. Just like in earlier version of Windows, remove unnecessary files and uninstall unrequired applications from your computer.
The next thing you can do is download and use free registry cleaner such as RegCleaner which may look simple but does it work pretty well. You can download it here for free. One more more, there may be some applications which is causing problems in your computer. For instance, there are many applications which are not compatible with Windows 8. They may be causing the slow downs of your computer. If you have seen a recent slow down, just uninstall the program you have just installed and check for the program update which is made for Windows 8.
If you follow the above listed guidelines, you will have Windows 8 running smooth in your PC.Thank you for reading my post.Stay tuned and stay updated. Do send comments and suggestions down below. You can also catch me on my Facebook page.


  1. Informatory post Previously I did a huge mistake in installing win 8 which caused in failure of my lap’s drive but now i’m enjoying this by installing it correctly


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