How To Make a Strong Password


This time I was surfing on the internet and reading news and I just found an interesting article on New York Times. It was about making your passwords strong and safer for protection of your digital world. In this space time era our every daily tasks and major & sensitive financial transactions are made by computers. So are your accounts and passwords safe ? In older days looting a bank using a gun was a hard work but now burglars or hackers to be specific can easily get into your 

Passwordaccounts without anyone’s notice and then you are doomed. I have known many friends and peoples those have become victims of hacking in their life and I also know that how much bad it is to be so. Any guy who knows internet and computer can download a software for brute forcing and cracking your passwords.I found some interesting methods that can help to safeguard you digital information .It is a post that can help  many of the peoples because “Prevention Is Better than Cure”.

 1)Throw Your Dictionary: This might seem totally crazy but it is just for funny language. What I really mean is that try to make your passwords that can’t be found in the dictionary. This is because the hackers use Dictionary attack and this might help to save your account because the password couldn’t be matched in the dictionary.

2)Don’t Use Same Password: I know most of you have an attitude of  keeping same password for different websites so you shouldn’t remember them.But it is our biggest fault that puts ourselves in our own ditch. If hackers get password of even one of your account than your all accounts will be dead.
3)Longer Passwords: It is suggested that you should use longer password that is about 14 letters that created good security and headache for hackers because it would take a long time to crack such longer code.
4)Keep Your Password Safe: If you have accounts on various accounts it is very hard to remember all of them.It has a simple solution that you store all the passwords of accounts in an encrypted documents. Thats what I also really do but I also suggest that if you want much security keep those password in an encrypted USB Drive or Flash Drive because due to some cause accidentally your computer might crash or any other problem may also cause and you can also carry them safely.

5)Use Different Browsers: This is a method that can save your confidentiality. Use one browser for normal tasks such as browsing, downloading datas or blogging and other surfing tasks and use secondary broser for sensitive tasks such as bank transaction and your other tasks. This protects you because if in any case primary browser is infected of trageted by contact you can safely do your task in secondary browser.


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