Is HTC One (M8) worth the upgrade

Why 2014 HTC One (M8) sucks!!!

The all new HTC One 2014 is now official. The new smartphone has impressive specs and now has houses more metal. The phone is made up of 90% metal while the old “One” was mad up of 70% metal. The new phone has more premium feel to it thanks to the brushed metal finish. The front facing camera has got a major improvement too. What we get now is a 5MP front facing camera!
Why 2014 HTC One (M8) sucks!!!
The processor is beefed up too. The older Qualcomm Snapdragon S600 is now replaced by Snapdragon S801 CPU. The processor is clocked @ 2.3GHz and is the same processor found on the Sony Xperia Z2. The asian version of M8 however gets 2.5GHz S801 processor. Which ever processor packed phone you get, the results will be similar. To summarize, HTC One M8 is blazing fast. The screen is bigger at 5″. The resolution is still Full HD.

Physically, the new HTC One M8 is similar to 2013 HTC M8. From the front, the phone is almost identical. HTC One M8 is more rounded and comfortable to old in hand but is somewhat slippery due to the use of brushed metal. The real difference can be observed when the phone is kept on its back. The new HTC One M8 houses Duo camera on the back. Unfortunately, the primary camera is still 4MP( Ultra Pixels as HTC calls it). The other camera is used for quick focusing and detecting depth of field. The new setup will give more dSLR looks to your photos. The other difference that you will see instantly is the fact that Beats Audio is now gone but that was expected as HTC parted with Beats months ago. But that’s a good news as the sound is even better in the new One.

That is all the difference that you will find in the new 2014 HTC One. Is it worth the upgrade from the 2013 HTC One? No, it isn’t. Very less has changed from last years model. Though, it is not a bad thing, we expected to see major improvements. HTC One 2013 is still a good phone and should last for a year or two more. In fact, I suggest you not to upgrade your phone this year. Why? Read this article to know why! 😉


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