Huawei promises 2 year Software updates on its phones


If there’s one issue with Android, it has to be slow software updates. Even worse, many of them don’t get software update at all! Android is a beautiful platform and new iteration of software is always bringing something new to the table. Not everyone gets to taste it, sadly. However, if you purchase a Huawei phone, you are in luck!


Huawei today announced that all their new phone will be getting software update for 24 months, i.e 24 months.Taylor Wimberly of Huawei Device team on his Google+ claimed that all the Huawei phones will get updates for 24 months following the launch of a new device.

If you are in line for purchasing the all new Huawei P9, you can jump the gun without thinking too much. Not only will you be getting timely Android updates but also frequent security updates for your Huawei phone.


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