inFamous: Second Son Review

Fulfilling every kid’s dream to have a superhero power Sucker Punch released a PS4 exclusive game that reveals the beauty of next gen games and console. The game provides fabulous powers with unquestionable graphics and gameplay. The game is published by SCEA and is categorized as Action. It is a sandbox game. This is my review on the new game inFamousl: Second Son.


SonInfamous takes place is beautiful Seattle where main player Delsin Rowe is provided as a hero or protagonist. Seattle is filled with bio mutants and Rowe is also one of them but is different because he stands against Department of Unified Protection. People like him are called bio terrorists but they call themselves Conduits. Delsin is unique because he has good humor and special ability like absorbing other conduits.

The game is awesome due to special powers of Delsin such as smoke wielding, passing trough vents, burning neon and flames around his body and pretty cool moves. Throwing smoke bombs, smoke, black exhaust fumes into enemies is so much cool. The game provides upgrades and as you progress in the game continues. The progress rewards are based upon you play quality and type.

It’s you choice to play the bad or good. The decision is mainly based on how you play the game. If you kill all the innocent people and play much violence card you will be rewarded differently and the story moves so on and you can do the opposite as well by playing silent card. If you want to see what’s in the other opposite side of game you will have to play again in different way.

The graphics is pretty impressive and crisp. Obviously next gen consoles such as PS4 are just starting to show their power and this is just a trailer of its power. The graphics is hi-fi and the roads look very smooth, the building and the bricks look almost real. The clothes on Rowe have really good dynamics, finish and fit. They make me eager to be in the game. The flame, smoke and fight are brilliantly created. The whole game can be finished in 10 hours and side missions in around 4 hours more. Then you can enjoy the wonderful city using you powers. I personally enjoy roaming in the games using superhero power after finishing the story mode.

If you are looking for a new PS4 game to brag you friends and feel superhero power on your joystick with crispy graphics Infamous Second Son is the recommended game to buy.


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