Infocus M535 in-depth review: Stepping up the game!


Infocus M535 is an entry-level smartphone from the house of Infocus which ticks most of the check box of a good smartphone. Prism Technologies Pvt. Ltd, the authorized distributor of Infocus phones in Nepal has brought the Infocus M535 in two variants: 2GB variant and the 3GB variant. infocus-m535-depth-review-price-features-nepal If you are an automotive enthusiast, you probably know the Volkswagen Golf. The car is loved by all not because it has got a special feature that all the other cars miss out on. It is loved for the fact that it does most the things well. The same goes for the Infocus M535. The phone has nothing fancy going for it and that’s where its strength lies. It does all the expected tasks without any fuss!

The entry-level smartphone market is a very competitive one in Nepal and the one where there’s a new player entering into the market everyday. As such, how does the Infocus M535 fare? Let’s find out!

First, lets have a look at the specifications of the phone:

  1. 5.5″ 720HD Display with 268PPI
  2. MediaTek MT6735SoC 1.3GHz Quad-Core processor
  3. 2GB/3GB RAM
  4. 16GB Internal Storage
  5. 13MP Rear Camera with Full HD Video recording capability
  6. 8MP Front Camera with autofocus
  7. 2600mAh battery
  8. Micro-SD expansion up to 64GB
  9. Dual SIM slot with 4G support

Having used the phone extensively for a month, I can without any doubt say that the phone performs much better than I expected it to. If you are just entering the smartphone market, the Infocus M535 will be a good choice without any doubt.


infocus-m535-depth-review-price-features-nepalInfocus M535 is a metal phone with the upper and lower part molded using plastic for the antennas to receive signals. The phone has a minimalistic design. On the front, there’s a front facing camera alongside with a speaker grill. There’s also the usual sensors like the ambient light sensor and proximity sensor. Infocus logo is placed below the display.

infocus-m535-depth-review-price-features-nepalOn the left, there’s volume rockers. On the right there’s a power button above which resides below the dual-SIM slot.

At the bottom of the phone, there’s a Micro-USB port with a mono speaker on its side. On the top, there’s a 3.5mm headphone jack.


infocus-m535-depth-review-price-features-nepalInfocus M535 has a 720p HD display which looks surprisingly sharp for the number of pixels it packs. The display has to be one of the nicest in this price range. It’s much better than that of the V7 Lite and is comparable to that of the Redmi 4A.

Infocus M535 has a 5.5″ display which is really good for watching movies and for general web browsing. However, if you are looking for a compact phone, you may have to look elsewhere. But looking at how both the companies and the consumers are endorsing the phablets, we don’t think you would want anything smaller.


The sunlight visibility of the phone is above average. The display also gets reasonably bright but I didn’t like the fact that there is too much reflection when the phone is used in direct sunlight. Another great feature of this phone is the fact that this phone houses an Ambient light sensor which automatically adjusts the brightness according to the environment you are in.


This is another department where the Infocus M535 shines. The MediaTek MT6735 SoC 1.3GHz Quad-Core processor is the same one used in the Gionee S6s which is priced significantly higher. While the phone doesn’t blow mind of people when it comes to performance, it is bad by no means. In fact, it can play mordern games like the Mario Run, Temple Run 2 and Dead Trigger 2 without any issues. However, at times, it would drop frames when it the graphics got intense in the game.

For casual users who use the phone for Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram and Messenger, you are good to go with this phone. It will chew through the sample apps with no issue.

I tested the 2GB Infocus M535 model and it held the apps in the memory really well. From my testing, I found that the 2GB RAM model is definitely sufficient for most of the tasks and the one I highly recommend. Adding Rs.2,000 more for the 3GB RAM variant just doesn’t add up well in the case of this phone.


Infocus M535 has conventional camera setup on the phone which includes a 13MP Rear camera and an 8MP Front camera. The Front 8MP camera was what really got me excited. Unlike most of the phone cameras, the front camera on the Infocus M535 has autofocus capabilities. Not only that, the phone automatically sets exposure as you change your focus point! Cool, right?

The image quality of the front shooter is also very good. Not excellent but better than the photos taken by the other phones in this category. On broad daylight, it takes really good photos but it suffers from grain in low-lit situations.

The rear camera of the Infocus M535 is also surprisingly good. While it doesn’t handle dynamic range very well, it takes sharp photos. Like the front camera, it also suffers from noise in low-lit environment.

Overall, the photos taken from either of the cameras come out really well. While it won’t blow your mind away, it surely will please you.

Call Quality & Loudspeaker performance

infocus-m535-depth-review-price-features-nepalThe call quality of the Infocus M535 is good.Having used the phone extensively, I found that the network reception is above average when comparing the quality with the phones of any price range. When the reception was good, it performed well and in areas with poor network, the phone did struggle but never did the call drop entirely.

The loudspeaker on the phone is average at best. While the speaker is loud, the phone clearly lacks the low-end punch. The speaker of the Infocus M535 isn’t all that great.


infocus-m535-depth-review-price-features-nepalThis is one department where the Infocus M535 falls short. Powering the 5.5″ display with a MediaTek SoC is a 2600mAh which underperformed in our testing. If you are light on your phone, the phone will undoubtedly get you through a day. However, if you plan on playing intensive games all day, you will have to charge the phone most probably by 7PM!

But what impressed me on the battery department is the really good stand-by endurance. Unlike many Android smartphones, the phone consumes very little power when the phone is in stand-by mode.


Infocus M535 is a really good smartphone which performs well in all the departments. For the price, it has got a good processor, above average 720p display and also a good camera set. My only gripe lies with the battery and the speaker performance department. If you can overlook these two things, you won’t regret getting yourself this phone. The price of Infocus M535 in Nepal is Rs.17490 for the 2GB variant and Rs.19490 for the 3GB variant.


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