iOS 7 UI Sample Photos

iOS 7 UI Sample Photos
iOS 7 Beta is out now and developers can download it. The experience is not that good but for those who want to feel the new look, you can give it a try. Everything looks so much different!
iOS 7 UI Sample Photos
I won’t be writing much in this post. I am posting a series of iOS 7 UI sample photos. There is a major change in UI in iOS 7. All the icons have changed as well. iOS has changed so much that it is nearly unrecognizable. I am running iOS 7 Beta 3 which is very laggy to be honest but mostly stable.

So, here are the samples you wanted to look at!

Main Home-Page
iOS 7 UI Sample Photos
 Control Centre
Notification for iPad
The all new Siri
Music Player
Multi-Tasking Window
Update: I have used iOS 7 Beta 3 for more than a 2 weeks now and my experience till date is really not good if at all! The iPad lags too much in almost every task.  There are many major bugs. Some applications crashes without any reason. Sometimes, the multi-tasking window doesn’t open up and the device reboots all by itself. There are also many bugs like screen turning off by itself. Music application at times doesn’t open up. Also, when I try to delete a song from the library, the application crashes. So, I warn you all not to update your device to iOS 7 Beta 3 at the moment.  The experience is really not good!
Update 2: After installing iOS 7 Beta 5, the experience is so much better. Lags are almost gone and there are only little bugs. Even after the update though, the system crashes here and there. The final build is getting near and we may so see a perfect build!
This is it for now. Stay tuned and stay updated. For more info on iOS 7, bookmark this page. I will update as soon as possible.


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