Why iPad Air Sucks!

Why iPad Air Sucks!
Is iPad Air really worth your money?

iPad Air is here guys! There is no iPad 5…. It’s just iPad Air and there is a reason for that! For the first time in iPad history, there is change in dimensions and and weight of iPad. The iPad Air follows the footprint of its younger brother, the iPad Mini and is very compact! The new iPad looks completely different! But is this worth your money? This is an article for those who own iPad 4. So, for you, no Ipad Air isn’t worth the upgrade. In this article I will be telling you why the iPad Air sucks!

To start off with, No, the new iPad Air doesn’t really suck! It is among the finest tablet available in the market right now but like always there are some things that may lead you to hold back your purchase! iPad Air may be the fastest iPad around but iPad 4 isn’t slow either!iPad 4 is just as fast as we all need unless you are doing benchmarks with your friends all the time! The iPad Air brings no surprises home. It was just too mainstream. The screen is the same as that of iPad 4/ iPad 3 and there is very less to write about the new changes. There is  new processor and that may as well be the only significant change apart from the change in dimensions! It received the new Apple A7 chipset along with the M7 motion co-processor. The cameras are still the same and there is no LED flash even this time around! The Here is a list of reason for why the iPad Air sucks!

  • No built-in Kickstand (It would have been a great addition)
  • No screen resolution bump
  • No camera upgrades (both the rear and the front)
  • No LED flashlight/ No LED notification
  • No native USB support for thumb drives
  • No Touch ID Sensor
  • No improvement in battery life
  • Still has 1GB RAM for multitasking
  • Still iTunes dependent
  • No support for major Video codecs out of the box
  • 4G LTE version extremely expensive (130$ more just for Sim Card Slot!)
  • 100$ more for 32GB (100$ for 16GB more storage is unjustifiable) 

And the list is never ending. The 64 bit processing is not of use at least for now as barely any apps use 64bit but time will tell how effective it will be. RAM is too limited in iPad Air. Yes, I know iOS 7 doesn’t use too much RAM like Android and Windows does but still 2GB RAM would have been great for “True Multitasking”. iOS 7 is good but still is not customizable.You will be locked into iOS interface when you grab your iPad Air. There are other tablets worth considering! iPad Air really isn’t worh your hard earned money! Think about it yourself for a while and you will probably get me!

Note: This article only focuses on negatives of iPad Air. There will be other articles talking about iPad Air’s positive aspects! Stay tuned for such articles. iPad Air isn’t all that bad as mentioned in this article.


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