Is it worth buying Genuine Accessories

Is it worth buying Genuine Accessories
Make sure you are buying quality accessories!

No doubt, it’s worth it unless you can buy a third party accessory with warranty in it. Genuine accessory should always be your first preference no matter whether it is for your smartphone or your laptop.You can buy genuine accessories from most of the stores but their alternative are usually cheap . If you want to buy genuine accessory , you should always look for  authorized dealers & distributors. But in some country like ours, we hardly get what we pay for even when we throw our hard earned money for genuine accessory. We have to doubt whether they are original or not! That really is a matter of shame!

If you are opting to buy a original accessory, you should either buy it online or find dealers who sell only genuine products. Never fall for “High Class Copy” trick as most high class copies are nothing but products made from worst chinese materials. Remember that most cheap things are not that durable and at times can be dangerous. You should especially be careful while buying mobile chargers! If you buy a low grade portable charger, there are high chances that they will fail and may lead to breaking your expensive mobiles. They will degrade your smartphone’s battery life significantly.  We have even seen cases where phones have exploded due to a faulty charger. In some serious cases, some houses were burnt due to explosion of phones and chargers. It may sound funny but it may happen to anyone including you. Always remember that prevention is better than cure.

If we act wise, it becomes much cheaper when we buy genuine accessories directly from supplier. Once you invest in them, you won’t have to ever worry about replacing them as they will run for years without any problem. In the other hand, if you use cheap accessories, you will have to replace them often and will be problematic in long run.Regarding spare battery, it is wise to buy from the company itself or opt for known brands which provide warrenty with the replacement batteries.It is same for all accessories. For instance, genuine earphones/headphones are way better than cheapo ones as they have better sound quality and are much more durable. You should go for branded data cables, pendrives, hard drives, smartphones, media players and every other electronics.  While you are buying them, make sure that they are original and have company hologram in them. If you break your devices screen and are looking for a replacement, make sure you buy a original one as others will break easily and cause a lot of problem. The touch won’t be smooth and your device won’t last long ultimately.There is an exception to this article,however. If you are buying cases and covers for your device, I would recommend you to get from 3-rd party sellers are they sell it for way cheap and are just as durable as the original ones. There is no risk of using such cases,either! That is it for now guys. Thanks for reading my post. Stay tuned and stay updated!


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