Is Xiaomi Mi Max worth the money in Nepal


Xiaomi Mi Max is probably the biggest ‘usable’ smartphone you can officially buy here in Nepal. The Xiaomi Mi Max comes in at 6.44″ and is sold by Vatsal Impex, the authorised distributor of Xiaomi phones in Nepal. The phone is priced at Rs.35,000 and let’s find out if the Xiaomi Mi Max worth the money in Nepal. 


First, let’s quickly run through the specs of the Xiaomi Mi Max:

  • 6.4″ Full HD Display
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 SoC
  • 32GB Internal Storage with Micro-SD Card expansion slot
  • 16MP Rear Camera with 4K Video Recording
  • Slow-Mo 120fps video recording @720p
  • 5MP f/2.0 Front camera
  • Gigantic 4850mAh Battery

The specs sound quite decent for the price you are paying for the phone. Having used the Mi Max for a week as my daily driver, I have to say that I am personally very impressed. Today, we have reached a day and age when even mid-range chipset can fly through applications and games. The story is no different for the Mi Max. I played a series of games including Mini Militia and GTA San-Andreas (at high settings) with no problem whatsoever. There was virtually no lag while navigating through menus and general apps like Phone and Calculator.

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One area where the Xiaomi Mi Max will disappoint has to be in the Camera department. Though 16MP, the photos that come out of the camera are average at best. The front facing camera is no better in this aspect either. Other than that, the battery life is excellent as so is the screen. The 1080p Full HD display is gorgeous to look and fun to watch videos in. If we had to complain something about the display, the visibility outdoors isn’t all that great. The screen goes bright but it gives out too much reflection.

We think the phone is reasonably priced but not many will agree with what we have to say. The thing is most of the people who think this phone is overpriced are the ones who will compare the price of the Mi Max in Nepal to that of India. But what they don’t understand is that almost everything is more expensive in Nepal due to taxes and customs. It’s the same story with this phone. While many will prefer to get a grey market phone, we recommend you to go through official channel as you get a 1 year warranty in the phone and a hassle free experience. We personally think that the Mi Max is worth the Rs.35,000 price tag.
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