Jawa Motorcycles officially head to Nepal


If you live in Nepal and wanted something classic, Royal Enfileds were only your option. Starting today, there’s a new contender. Agni Moto Inc Pvt Ltd, the company behind Mahindra two-wheelers, have officially launched Jawa Motorcycles in Nepal.

For those unaware, Jawa is a brand from Czech Republic who started its two-wheeler business back in 1929. The company had made its debut in India last year before expanding to Nepal this year.

In the initial phase, the company is launching two models of the Jawa motorcycles in Nepal. There’s the classic Jawa and the Jawa Forty Two. Both models share the same 293cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine that churns out 27bhp and 28Nm of torque. Both the bikes are mated to a 6-speed transmission.


As mandated by law, both the bikes come with a single-channel ABS. For those who take safety more seriously, there’s an option to have the bike fitted to a dual-channel ABS.

Price of Jawa Motorcycle in Nepal

Rs. 648,500 for single-channel ABS variant

Rs. 676,500 for dual-channel ABS variant

Price of Jawa Forty Two in Nepal

Rs. 620,000 for single-channel ABS variant

Rs. 648,000 for dual-channel ABS variant

Are you willing to go for Jawa motorcycles instead of the evergreen Royal Enfield classic? Let us know in the comments section down below.


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