Latest Price of Xbox One X and Xbox One S in Nepal


Okay, in the last article, we covered why PlayStation 4 is so popular in Nepal. Today, we are going to discuss the situation of Xbox X and Xbox One S in Nepal. Let’s get the pricing out of the way first. The latest price of Xbox One X and Xbox One S in Nepal is Rs.65,000 and Rs.36,000 respectively. 
latest-price-of-xbox-one-x-xbox-one-s-nepalIf you are looking to buy a new Xbox, the Xbox One S is the one I recommend to most of the users. For one, it is cheaper to buy and significantly so in the context of Nepal. And the other reason to consider the Xbox One S over the Xbox One X has to be the fact that most of the Nepalese have 1080p monitor or televisions. You really won’t be able to extract many benefits of the more expensive Xbox One X. But if you fall under the other 1%, it’s an entirely different story.


There’s no Microsoft store in Nepal and hence no way you can get Xbox officially in Nepal. So, it’s the grey market you look upon if you want to get the Xbox One S or the Xbox One X. However, you can get the Xbox One S through SastoDeal as well.

Where to buy Xbox One S and Xbox One X in Nepal

buy-gaming-consoles-nepalWhile you can buy the Xbox One X and the Xbox One S in Civil Mall as well as in City Center, I highly recommend you to visit Bishal Bazar 1st and 2nd Floor if you want to get the aforementioned gaming consoles in the cheapest price possible. Bishal Bazar is the go-to place if you want to buy gaming consoles in Nepal. You can not only get the Xbox for a cheaper price, you will find gaming consoles like the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch there. Also, if you want to trade-in your old game for a new one, that’s the first place you should visit.

Lastly, the latest Price of Xbox One X and Xbox One S in Nepal is Rs. 65,000 and Rs.36,000 respectively. What do you think about them? Would you choose the Xbox One S over the Xbox One X in context? Or are you in the team PlayStation? Do let us know your thoughts down below! Also, make sure to follow us on Facebook. As always, thanks for reading the post.


  1. Xbox one X is way better console than the PS4 pro. It is better than PS4 pro at everything even the controller.I think X box controller is way better than dual shock.

  2. I am definitely not gonna go for x box one x but I’m confused on these 3 consoles – x box one s, ps4 slim or ps4 pro.


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