Latest price of Sony Playstation 4 in Nepal


Sony Playstation 4 has been on the market for quite a while and it has been available in Nepal since its inception. But now, you can get the Playstation 4 for very cheap. The latest price of Sony Playstation 4 in Nepal is Rs.34,000. Keep in mind that the price is for the 500GB variant. If you plan on storing a lot of games, we recommend you to go with a 1TB version. The price of 1TB Playstation 4 in Nepal is Rs.37,500.

latest-price-of-sony-playstation-4-nepalWe highly recommend you to go with the 1TB version as it is only Rs.3,500 more expensive than the 500GB version. For so little extra money, you get twice the storage size for your games and media. While many of you may think that 500GB is enough, keep in mind that, a good AAA game will eat up around 50GB of storage. And even if you have a blu-ray disc of your games, the system will install files in your hard-disk. So, it’s not only the PSN game buyers to whom we recommend the larger capacity hard drive.

If you aren’t already aware, you get a very powerful hardware with the Playstation 4.ย Here is s quick rundown of the specs of the Playstation 4:

  • 8-Core AMD Jaguar CPU clocked @1.6GHz
  • 1.84 Teraflop AMD Custom GPU
  • 500GB Hard-disk
  • 2 USB 3.0 Port
  • Ethernet Port

latest-price-of-sony-playstation-4-nepalYes, we understand that gaming PCs can out-perform the PS4 or the Xbox One in raw performance but the experience is so much better with gaming consoles. You don’t have to worry about running to lags and bugs and problems of that sort. In addition to that, building Gaming PC in Nepal isn’t that easy of a process either. Many a time, it is really hard to get up-to-date Desktop components and even when we actually get them, the prices are absurdly high. Buying a gaming console is a cheap and easy solution.

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Again, the latest price of Sony Playstation 4 in Nepal is Rs.34,000 and can be bought online at Sastodealย as well as through retailers at Bishal Bazar. And if you already own a PS4, make sure to add me: As always thanks for reading this post.

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  1. Bro can you give me the price of dual shock 4 controller,FIFA 18 ,gta5 and far cry 5 ???? In bishal bazaar kathmandu??? Latest price??? I m going to buy in this month.


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