LCD Refurb Lab: Broken iPhones no more costly to repair


Let’s be honest guys, we know at least one person who uses an iPhone with a shattered display. This is bound to happen when we deal with glass and no brainer, most smartphone displays are made out of glass. Many people don’t fix their device either because it is too expensive or they doubt the quality of the replacement screens.


That was all true until LCD Refurb Lab, a company who is looking to repair your shattered iPhone screens at a low price, came into play. This company not only offer their products at a lower price but also at a faster time rate. They repair iPhone 6s and below within 30 min while the iPhone 7 and 7 plus will be repaired in 45 minutes. Repairing iPhones have never been this convenient and it’s all thanks to the initiation of one company, LCD Refurb Lab.

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But what is so different about LCD Refurb Lab? People have been repairing their iPhones here in Nepal for ages, what so new with them? Well, the cost is definitely one major factor but their real strength is the fact that they make the iPhone glass and display here in Nepal itself. Yes, you heard me correctly, they make the iPhone display using the same high-tech equipment and procedures other leading international display manufacturers. This not only helps reduce the cost of making the display but also ensures quality.

Here are the rates to replace and refurbish your cracked iPhone screens:

Model Name  Glass Replacement LCD Replacement
iPhone 4/4s Rs. 1,000 Rs. 1,500
iPhone 5/5s/5c Rs. 1,500 Rs. 3,000
iPhone 6 Rs. 2,500 Rs. 4,000
iPhone 6 Plus Rs. 4,500 Rs. 7,000
iPhone 6s Rs. 7,500 Rs. 12,000
iPhone 6s Plus Rs. 12,000 Rs. 18,000
iPhone 7 Rs. 13,000 Rs. 32,000
iPhone 7 Plus Rs. 18,000 Rs. 42,000

This definitely is an acceptable price rate considering the price charged by the rest of the market. Many consumers might feel that the product are low in quality due to their lower price tag but in practicality its just the opposite. LCD Refurb Lab assures quality above all else and seeks to serve the customers. Next time you or anyone you know breaks an iPhone, give LCD Refurb Lab a thought as you might just save yourself from a headache and also from having to spend a lot of money. For more information visit their Facebook page or giving them a ring at 9803065399.


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