Lenovo’s Multimode Mini Ultrabook now in Nepal

Lenovo's Multimode Mini Ultrabook now in Nepal

Megatech, Lenovo’s official distributor has brought varieties of Lenovo brand Laptops and Tablets in market for Nepal. On addition, it has brought different 9 products of YOGA11S and G400S Touch having Nepali Market price Rupees One Lakh Fifty five thousand (Nrs.155,000) and Ninety One thousand one hundred and eleven (Nrs. 91,111) respectively.

Megatech also displayed the products in CAN InfoTEch 2014 commenced from Poush 18th (2nd january) to Poush 23rd (7th January).

Lenovo initiated and fabricated the world’s 1st IdeaPad YOGA11S in the form of Multimode Mini Ultrabook in the Market. YOGA11S has manipulated Windows 8 Genuine as Operating system. It has 11.6 inch Multi Touch screen.In one hand it manoeuvre and uses Third Generation I3 Processor and in the other it posseses 4GB RAM. It has 128GB SSD (Solid State Drive) hard drive and gives 6 hour batery backup.

Lenovo's Multimode Mini Ultrabook now in Nepal

Similarly, G400S Touch having Windows 8 as Operating system uses Third generation Intel I5 processor. G400S laptop has 14 inch screen along with 4GB RAM, 1TB HDD (One Terabyte Hard Disk Drive), 4 cell battery including 2GB Graphics Card. This laptop is more favourable and familier to those working in High Configuration.

Moreover, S210 is also available in the market in the form of light weight laptop. It is awesome for windows 8 and costs Sixty six thousand six hundred and sixtysix (66,666). It uses Third Generation Intel I3 processor, including 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD and is available in 11.6 inch HD LED-AG Multi-TouchScreen. Further more, it uses 3 cell battery. Similarly in other models, Lenovo Slim Version G400S (Nrs. 52,222), G400S(Nrs. 65,888), G400S(Nrs.73,330), G400S(Nrs.76,666) are widely available. Megatech has imported such varieties of attractive models laptops in Nepal. The transaction and marketing of lenovo is increasing day by day.

Talking about the advantages of Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11s, it has flip design which helps to use the laptop in multiple modes and is convenient, easier and comfortable to handle. It has vibrant colorful touch display and moreover it has a comfortable keyboard and a large SSD.

Lenovo's Multimode Mini Ultrabook now in Nepal

It’s cons or demerits are that the power button is hard to locate, you may find a bit difficulty to locate the power button and not so compact and accustomed to free your fingers. Longer you use the laptop, the bottom part of the laptop can get hot. Though it’s a laptop but is a little bit sturdy, heavy and hefty similar to a tablet.

The common opinion, adjudication and the main verdict is that Lenovo manipulates and adds an Intel Core i5 processor and full Windows 8 Genuine to the ber-flexible and convenient YOGA 11S transmuting it into a legitimate Ultrabook.

Well, when you have a glance on 11.7 x 8 x 0.67-inch Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11s, you’ll find it pretty and small. Despite talking about the packed and crammed more powerful Core i5 CPU
than the Tegra-powered, 2.8 lb. IdeaPad Yoga 11s weighs only a slightly heavier 3 lbs.

Alike to the Yoga 11 and 13, the Yoga 11S’ lid can bend 360 degrees and allows the notebook to fold into different modes, i.e four modes. Commonly they’re noted as : 1. Stand 2. Tent 3. Notebook and 4. Tablet.

Knowing all these astonishing and special features, why not buy Yoga 11s soon?



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