Levit8 Review: My personal favorite portable Standing desk


Levit8 is my personal favorite standing desk for more than a single reason. If you are like me who spends half of your day in front of a computer screen and are tired of sitting, this product is for you. Levit8 is a kickstarter project by Levit8 Corporation and 1,191 backers pledged $58,462 to help bring this project to life. In Nepal, Levit8 is sold through Sammy Traders who is the authorized distributor of Allocacoc products in Nepal.Enough with the history, let’s talk Levit8 in this Levit8 review.

levit8-review-nepal-technonepalLevit8 is available in 3 different sizes: Small, Medium and Large. I had the option to choose from either of them and I chose the “Small” variant of the Levit8. The small size Levit8 is just the same size as my 15″ MacBook Pro and is lighter than the MacBook Air. What I really love about it is the fact that I can take it anywhere with me without having to worry about its weight or its size.


If you don’t sit on the computer all day, you may be asking yourself, “What’s the use of this?”. The answer is quite simple. Sitting on a chair all day isn’t all that healthy. You will experience fatigue, will be less efficient and also have a lower back problem in a long run.I wrote this entire Levit8 review standing!

The design of the Levit8 should also be given a special mention. Not only is the design good, it is also very functional. The product itself is made from Strong Fiber Origami which lets you in seconds turn a flat board to a standing desk!

At first, it’s kind of difficult to set the Levit8 up. You can’t make up whether to twist the board left or right, up or down or try any other combination. But once you know how to use it, you will convert the flat board into a table in seconds. The procedure is simple: Simply open, cross, twist and you’re set!


The Levit8 is well made but upon few days of usage, I could see some lint on the product. When I talked to the CEO of Sammy Traders, he said that it was normal as it is one of the properties of the fiber used in the making of the Levit8. While it might turn some people off, I am fine with it! It’s a go-to desk that you carry everywhere and things like this are bound to happen. It’s more about functionality after all, right? This is the only negative I can think about the Levit8 during my 2 weeks of testing.

You can also choose the Levit8 from multiple color options. I chose it in purple color and it looks darn good. While I was using it at the office as well as in my college library, almost everyone was asking me what it was and what’s the purpose of it. And yes, everyone complimented the way it turned itself into a desk!

The price of Small, Medium and Large Levit8 is Rs.2290, Rs.2590, Rs.2890 respectively. And from what I hear, the prices are coming down in days to come. You can buy the Levit8 online at SastoDeal. I personally love the Levit8 for what I do. What do you think about this product? You can also subscribe to our new

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