LG G2 to launch officially in Nepal

LG G2 to launch officially in Nepal

LG G2, the flagship phone from LG is all set to launch in Nepal officially next week. CG mobiles, the authorised distributor of LG phones in Nepal will unveil the phone next week. LG G2 is among the most powerful Android phone we have ever used which uses the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon S800 processor clocked @2.26GHz. It also has got 5.2″ Full HD LCD Display with wide viewing angles. It is one of the best display out there in the market right now.

LG G2 to launch officially in Nepal

CG mobiles launching the international LG’s flagship phone in Nepal really is great news for us. Firstly, because the LG G2 is a really good phone. And secondly, because we are really tired of all the Samsung phones. Nepalese really had no choice but to buy Samsung phones until now. Well, it looks like things are going to change as LG is making a comeback in Nepal. The last LG phone which was well advertised was LG Optimus 2X which was the world’s first dual-core smartphone.

Soon, LG lost its charm both internationally and in Nepal leading to failure of sales of LG phones. However, since the announcement of LG G2, things changed for LG as people really liked this phone. The Camera in G2 is exceptional. ┬áThe 13 MP optically stabilized camera is among the best we have ever seen on a phone with only exceptions such as the PureView camera on Nokia Lumias. Video recording is among one of the strengths of the G2. With optical OIS, it can capture blur-free videos even in the low light situation. With the fastest processor in the market right now, there is basically no application it can’t run.

In fact, with these specs, this phone will last for years without any kind of hardware limitations. LG uses its own skinned version of Android which you will either hate or love. That is going to be your personal preference and I can’t comment much on it. However, the UI would look much cleaner if LG had used less bloats in its phone. There are unnecessary applications you can’t delete even if you want to.

LG G2 to launch officially in Nepal

 The key features of LG G2 are as follows:

  • 5.2″ Full HD Display
  • Android 4.4 Kitkat
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon S800 CPU clocked @ 2.3GHz
  • 2GB RAM
  • 13MP Rear Camera with OIS
  • 2MP FHD Camera
  • Full HD Video recording
  • Onscreen buttons
  • Extremely narrow bezels
  • New Improved UI
  • Huge 3000mAh battery with 62hr endurance rating
  • Rear volume buttons

You can buy the phone from CG mobiles website itself for Rs.72,000. Comparing the price with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which shares similar specs, this is going to be a bang for the buck device for you. If you are worried about not getting the future updates, set rested as things have changed drastically over the years. LG is among those OEMs which provides udpates in time. LG G2 has on-screen buttons like the Nexus devices and the bezels on the sides of this phone are extremely narrow which makes one-hand operation possible. The phone is really compact and has dimensions similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy S4. One disadvantage (actually two) that LG G2 has against Samsung Galaxy S4/Note 3 is that the battery door is not removable and there is no way to access the battery in anyways. The other is that there is no way to expand the memory as there is no Micro-SD slot. If you can live without the above-mentioned disadvantages, LG G2 is the phone for you. Just wait for a week and you may see what CG mobiles have to offer! For the full review, you can check out GSMArena’s LG G2 review here. Thanks for reading the post. Stay tuned and stay updated. Don’t forget to drop a comment below!


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