What to look for when you are buying a mobile in Nepal

What to look for when you are buying a mobile in Nepal
You have got millions of choice when it comes to phones!!!

You are not sure which mobile you are going to buy next? Guess what? I have got a great solution for you.Doesn’t matter if you are looking for a smartphone or just a simple mobile. It doesn’t even matter if you are looking for a cheap or a very expensive and luxurious mobile. This is a “What to look for when you are buying a mobile in Nepal” guide for people who are seeking to buy a new phone.

First of all, it’s you who’s to decide what kind of phone you want? Is it just a simple and cheap phone meant for calling,texting, and browsing internet? Or, is it meant for heaving gaming and playing HD movies. Nepali market is currently flooded with smartphones and feature phones. You can get all kinds of feature phones under Rs.10,000 where as you can get smartphones for as high as Rs. 91,500 from different distributor.

What to look for when you are buying a mobile in Nepal
Smartphone VS Featurephone: That’s your choice

If you are looking for a cheap mobile, I would say you go for Spice brand, Orion, ZTE brand, Samsung or even Nokia. Nokia and Samsung offer all kind of phones. You can buy mobiles starting from 50$ to 200$ in this range without any contract. Isn’t that just great? In addition they have dual SIM slot which means you can use two SIM card at once. This sure is a great technology. Also, some of these phones are JAVA powered which means JAVA applications are well supported. In the other hand some of the mobile devices don’t support JAVA but they sure have some pre-installed apps. They have good signal reception and offer many decent features. You are short on buy, you should probably go for these mobiles. Also, if you don’t think you can use the awesome features of smartphone, I urge you not to buy them. I said this because I have seen many people(especially oldies) who have great smartphone but don’t you any function except calling and texting their buddies.

Android powered phones may be the best option for Nepalese people as they are cheap and have really good features. Doesn’t matter how much money you have, you can always get an Android smartphone. All Android phones are equipped with Wi-Fi, so connection with the world is really inches away. If you add a little money, you can get better and bigger phones which are well equipped with high-end features.

What to look for when you are buying a mobile in Nepal
Android may be the best option for you!

If you are high on cash, I can recommend you to buy smart phones powered by Android Operating System. These phones are next to PC’s and tackle iOS (iPhone’s Operating System) badly.They are affordable, reliable and boast powerful processor and GPU. Some Brands which produce great Smartphones are HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG and Apple. You can check out their phones at GSMarena.com. These phones have dual core processor (some even have quad-core processor) and are fast and quick at performing operations. They have great applications and games. Once you begin using these phones, you will never miss your PC. So, go and look out for these phones.


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