What to do when you loose your smartphone in Nepal?



We all know that one guy who has lost his smartphone at least once. Maybe you’re that person. Sadly enough, I am not very different. Around one month ago I lost my beloved Nexus 5 when I was riding my bicycle. Here are some tips to get your lost smartphone back.

lost-smartphoneSo if you live in a crowded city like Kathmandu, chances are your device was either stolen or was found by someone already. Well, all people are not quite honest and decide to keep the device to themselves rather than trying to return it. The first step is to locate your device as soon as possible. If you have lost your IMEI information, then worry not. You can use your Google or iCloud accounts to find all the necessary information for your Android and iOS devices.

After you’ve found the IMEI number follow the given steps:

  • Call the police (100 for all the Nepalis) and tell them about your lost smartphone. You will be given a number to call. Call the provided number, tell them about the lost smartphone(again) and go to the address which will be provided. After going to the address, tell them your problem (AGAIN) and provide them the IMEI and phone number. The difficult part ends here. The police is now trying their best to find your device.

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  • For Android users, use Android Device Manager and remotely lock your lost smartphone. As a lock screen message set your relative’s or close friends phone number. Erase the data if you have to.
  • Go to the office of your cellular service provider and block your SIM card. You can issue a new SIM card with the same number again.
  • Log onto your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram and change your passwords immediately. If you have SMS verification on, you can appeal that your account has been hacked. For example, this is the link to Facebook’s hack appeal page. (Do note that you will be unable to access your account for 24 hours after the procedure has completed.
  • Keep contact with 2nd hand smartphone dealers for your phone may be sold there too. Also check websites like Hamrobazar regularly.

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