Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser officially launched in Nepal


If you thought Xiaomi only made smartphones, laptops, and TVs, you would be very wrong. From Weighing Scale to Rice Cooker to Smart Lights, Xiaomi makes it all. And today, Xiaomi is launching a product that is very different from the rest but very relevant in the current scenario- the Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser.

There is no two ways about it- it’s the best time to launch the Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser. The dispenser is sleek and has a premium finish to it. When your hand is 60-90mm away from the dispenser nasel, hand wash is automatically dispensed. In case you are wondering the Mi Soap Dispenser works off 4 AA batteries.

There’s an IR sensor built-in the Soap Dispenser and it dispenses same amount of hand wash soap every time!

So, you may be thinking- which soap should you use with the Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser. Don’t worry, Xiaomi has you covered. When you buy the product, you also get a bottle of Simpleway Foaming Handwash soap for free. You can expect to do 375 handwash per refill.

Xiaomi also sells the Simpleway Foaming Handwash separately. During the COVID times, it won’t be unusual to see you finish a bottle of hand wash in a month. You will be able to grab a pack of 3 hand wash soaps for Rs. 1,499.

The Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser and a foaming handwash refill will set you back Rs. 2,299/- What do you think about this product? Do let us know in the comments section down below. Both the Mi Soap Dispenser and Foaming Handwash Refill will be available in offline and online Mi stores.


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