Mi Nepal providing 2-Year Software warranty on Xiaomi products


This is first of its kind. Mi Nepal is bringing a new kind of warranty: warranty on software. When you buy a Mi phone or any Xiaomi products, you get 2-year software warranty on it. The warranty applies in all the phones including the latest Xiaomi Mi Mix.


Here is what you get when you buy a Xiaomi phone from now on:

  1. 2-year Software warranty
  2. 1-year Hardware warranty
  3. 6 months warranty on battery

The thing you will have to remember is that you will be getting 2-year warranty just on the software and not on anything else. If your phone breaks down after a year and it has got nothing to do with your device’s software, you are out of luck. This offer is especially good to those customers who are layman when it comes to the software of the phone. Those who are used to rooting and flashing firmware won’t appreciate this much. 

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In context of Nepal, the smartphone industry has to be the largest growing tech industry and there is more competition in here than you might think. We have a feeling that Xiaomi announced this 2-year software warranty to make it a USP of their devices just as Gionee has started home delivery of serviced phones in their customers.

What do you think about the 2-year software warranty on the Xiaomi products? Leave your thoughts down below!


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