Microsoft Surface 2 Released

Microsoft RT 2 gets released
Microsoft RT 2 looks gorgeous

After Microsoft’s not so successful attempt to capture the mobile tablet market with their Microsoft Surface RT, here they are again trying to impress the crowd with their successor to the RT. The Surface 2 follows the same design language of its predecessor and looks alike though it’s lighter and thinner. It now runs Windows RT 8.1 which is snappy and is less resource hungry. To keep things moving, the surface 2 is powered by nVidia Tegra 4 processor while the surface RT used Tegra 3 processor. The kick-stand is still there. One thing that you will immediately notice when you compare the displays of the surface RT and the surface RT 2 is the display. It has gone full HD, i.e 1920 X 1080 from 1366 X 768 which I would call a major upgrade. Your surface 2 is bundled with 200GB of free skydrive storage which is just great. Also, the buyers get unlimited international calls via Skype for full 1 year. The Surface 2 is packed with 2 GB of RAM as well. There is also 25% boost in battery life. You get other goodies like HDMI port and USB 3.0 on board. The kickstand has improved as well. There is a 5MP rear facing camera and 3.5Mp front facing camera. This tablet can record full HD video with Stereo sound recording!

Surface 2 runs Windows RT 8.1
Surface 2 runs Windows RT 8.1

The Surface 2 is priced at 449$ will be available in US at the end of October. We can’t expect it to be officially launched in Nepal. However, it will be found in the local stores soon. Stay tuned to find out when it will be available and for how much! Microsoft seems to be determined in producing RT tablets  and is adding serious value to its software. After purchasing Nokia, Microsoft is looking to take on the mobile industry. They are gaining app support as well. They have the 3rd largest app library after Android and iOS and is growing rapdily. The Surface 2 is priced perfectly as well. Microsoft is trying to take on Apple’s iPad with their Surface 2! Though, they are no where near Apple ecosystem, they can affect Apple’s sales severely and that’s what they really want to do! Stay tuned and stay updated! Thanks for reading our post!

Image Source : PhoneArena


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