Is Ncell more expensive than NTC

Ncell is the most popular network provider of Nepal. Not only is it popular, it is the service provider which has sold largest number of SIM card in Nepal. Ncell sure is gaining momentum. People are leaning towards it. Ncell also provides schemes from time to time. We also get discounts on several occasions from Ncell! But, is Ncell really that cheap? Does Ncell really provide the best of services in cheap? Is it better than NTC? The answer to all of these questions is unfortunately ” No! ” Is Ncell more expensive than NTC in all ways? Let’s find out!

Ncell sure sounds nice. After all, we get to see ad of Ncell in each and every newspaper of our country. Ncell does more ad than anything else. But people like you and me often fail to realize that they are doing ads from our money. They earn so much from us that they can publish as much ads as they wish to. NTC relatively does very less ads. Honestly, Ncell sounds good only on paper. Once you begin using it, you will realize that it is really really expensive. You will realize it more when you need to call a landline or NTC number. Ncell surely sells more SIM cards but trust me, most of them are thrown away within a week or so. Ncell provides a lot of scheme but it costs you too. They give away bikes and sometimes even cars but do we ever think how they can give such offers? Yes, that’s right! It’s our money that they use. Getting Ncell really makes less sense.


But Ncell is not really that bad! There are many reasons why you would want to stick with Ncell! Network reliability  can be your primary reason. Ncell has got much better signal than NTC. Surfing the internet on Ncell is really fast (although too expensive in comparison to NTC). Also, schemes on Ncell can be benefit to you if you are lucky enough to get a car for just recharging your balance!  It has good signals across the country as well.


NTC on the other hand is cheap but doesn’t have good signal around the country. Web Surfing even through 3G network is not that fast. NTC vs Ncell has been a difficult question for every Nepali and answer for this differs from person the person. It infact depends upon ones need and preference. I have written both cons and pros of both the networks and it is you to decide which best suits you.



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