Ncell New Road Mobile Mahotsav: Whats new??

Ncell New Road Mobile Mahotsav, an event held by the Nepal Mobile Business Traders Association is in full roll out. The event which started on December 28, 2016, will last until January 3, 2017. 


In this event, many mobile brands like Samsung, Gionee, Colors, CG etc can be seen participating. But the major shine and probably the most energetic of them all were the two new players in the Nepalese market, Zopo, and Leagoo. Lava was also not shy to showcase their happiness and were eager to greet customers. That all is well and good but what is new in this event? What are the deals and offers of the event? Well let’s find out:



Since Ncell is the primary sponsor of the event, it is only natural that they offer something for the customers participating in the event. Well, they certainly did as they are offering a free sim card along with 1GB of data with every purchase of a smartphone in the event.



Zopo, a new player in the smartphone market of Nepal, was one of the liveliest attraction of the event. They also had some great deals on their new smartphones. On top of that, they also offer gifts like selfie sticks, power bank, Bluetooth speaker, etc. with every purchase of Zopo smartphones.



Just as Zopo, Leagoo too were highly energetic and were trying very hard to promote their products. They also had their mascot dancing to various songs which I found highly entertaining. People were snapping selfies with the models and also the adorable Leagoo mascot. They also had some excellent deals and were offering gifts like selfie sticks, power bank, Bluetooth speaker, etc. depending on the model of purchase.


Samsung this time around didn’t provide much as their offer was limited to just a scratch card. The scratch card, however, provides some exciting products which Samsung will disclose at a later date.



Gionee too was very much excited at the event. They also have some excellent deals, but it is mainly limited to their S6s. With every purchase of the GIonee S6s, customers will get a selfie stick, speaker, mobile stand and a USB light.



Micromax with every purchase of their smartphone is offering a micro-sd card from 4GB to 32GB depending on the model. This is a sweet deal if you are in the market for a new Micromax smartphone.


CG was lying cozy in their booth brandishing their new smartphones. They also had some good deals and were offering gifts like power banks, mobile rings, and a screen enlarger among other various small gifts.

LAVA and Colors:


Both LAVA and Colors were present in the event and were readily showcasing their products. LAVA like Leagoo also had their mascot out dancing to some amazing tunes. People were gathering around to see the adorable mascot dance including me. But they, however, didn’t have any attractive schemes and gifts to offer to the customers.


So these were some of the offers and schemes from various brands in the event. Overall, the event felt a bit gloomy even though there were many smartphone brands present. The schemes and gift are not what I expected from an event of this caliber. Price discount is also hardly available on any smartphones, and if available it is very negligible. I wish the event had some more wow factor to attract more people. Mascots and models were the major attraction rather than the smartphones itself. This, however, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go check the event out. Who knows you might just find something interesting and worth picking up!


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