Nexus 4 Android 4.3 Changes

Nexus 4 Android 4.3 Changes
Android 4.3 may not have been the greatest of Android updates but it sure did bring a lot of changes in Nexus 4. There were some major ones and some minor ones. There is overall performance in the system. It is faster than ever.
Nexus 4 Android 4.3 ChangesIn fact, it is faster than Samsung Galaxy S4. The list of changes in Android 4.4 according to Google are as follows:
1) Restricted Profiles
2) Virtual Sound Surround Support
3) Dail Pad Auto Number Complete Feature
4) Bluetooth Smart Ready
5) Open GL ES 3.0 For Better Graphics
6) New Languages Support
Nexus 4 Android 4.3 ChangesNot only new features are added to the Nexus 4, there is drastic change ( positive ) in the stability and boost in overall performance. It looks as if the Quad Core processor has just come into play. The FPS also seems to be improved and it can well be observed while playing intense games. Battery life remains unaffected. The other change is that photosphere feature has been revised and it now works as ¬†intended. The pictures now stitch together well. Applications load faster and everything works great after the update. The only bug I have noticed so far is that I can’t take screenshots after the update. Other than that, everything works great. You can check out how my Nexus 4 topped the benchmark in the video below! It may not be the best score but trust me, it’s really fast!
Even in benchmarks, Nexus 4 scores higher than before. The GPU really seems to be doing its work well. The device however seems to be getting hot even faster than before. This may not particularly be Android 4.3 which is causing it but my Nexus 4 itself. Android 4.3 may not have added many cool features to the phone but has made it a nicer experience which is really significant.
Thanks for reading my post. Stay tuned and stay updated. If you have any quaries, leave down a comment down in the comment section below!


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