Nokia is gaining market in Nepal

Nokia is gaining market in Nepal

Nokia, which had lost its charm after failing to adopt Android operating system is making a come back in Nepal. Nokia has always been a great choice for people who want to buy cheap and durable phone.People have switched to Android smartphone in recent years as they are feature packed and are also cheap. Samsung, LG and MicroMax outperformed Nokia  badly in just 3 years of time.

Nokia is gaining market in NepalNow, as Windows phone is gaining momentum. Nokia is making a come back. Nokia Lumias which are available in all price ranges have become choice of Nepalese once more. Nokia 520 is the cheapest Nokia phone which can be purchased for as low as Rs.18,000. For that price you get a lot! You get a 4″ LCD screen, 1GHz Dual core processor and also 512MB of RAM. Best of all, it runs Windows Phone 8 OS which has all the necessary applications like Facebook,skype, Viber, Vine and Instagram. There are plenty of games too! This phone is equipped with 5MP auto-focus camera. The selling point of this phone is not it’s specification but it’s price point! You can get good looking and sturdy Lumias for half the price than Android smartphones. This is the sole reason why Lumias sell so well. People with low budget surely will go with this phone. Students are likely to buy these phones. Honestly, if budget was a problem to me, without thinking for a moment, I would buy a Nokia Lumia smartphone instead of an Android powered phone. The reason is simple! Low end Android smartphone are waste of money. I would rather buy a feature phone than an low end Android phone. Low end Android phones don’t have enough resource to even run basic functions of phone like “Phone” app and “Camera” app properly. In the other hand as Lumias are less resource hungry they run very well whatever your phones specification be!

Nokia phones are selling well not only in Nepal but in rest of the world as well! Windows phone sales rose 7% worldwide among which 94% of them were Nokia Lumias. Developers are developing more apps for Windows Phone which are less resource hungry. Small app library was the biggest drawback of Windows just a year back but it is making a good comeback! The other limitation of Windows phone has been eliminated too! Windows phones are no more restricted from using powerful hardware! Nokia Lumia 1520 uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon S800 CPU clocked @2.3 GHz which is amongst the fastest processor out there. And the good news is that it is available in Nepal! Yes, you can buy this phone from authorized Nokia stores in Nepal.

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