NTC 3G Internet is very fast!

NTC 3G Internet is very fast!
NTC 3G Internet is very fast!
While Ncell is investing most of its money in advertising, it looks as though NTC is investing its money by improving the services. That’s right,people, NTC has done it again. Last year, the major complain NTC had received was poor network. Ncell had really good coverage and the network was mostly stable at all places. It wasn’t same with NTC.
The service was poor. NTC resolved the problem by installing more towers. Now, the coverage of both the network is really good. The other area where NTC service was poor was 3G service and the good news is that the problem is now solved! NTC 3G service has improved drastically. Now, you can use your mobile data to surf through web sites with ease. What’s great is that their package data cost is insanely low! You can surf Internet all day and realize that only Rs.10 is deducted from your balance!
Really, NTC Internet speed is really fast. In areas with good coverage, Internet speed can be as high as 100kb/sec. That speed is much faster than what you would get in your ADSL Internet. NTC doesn’t advertise as much as Ncell does. This is the reason why most of us are unaware about their improvement in services. If you think this article is inaccurate, try NTC 3G for yourself. You will be surprised of that I am sure! If you are money conscious, it is recommended that you switch to NTC for web browsing. You can activate your 3G service by going to Pulchowk Nepal Telecom Office. All you have to do is pay Rs.100 to activate the service. You will have your Internet activated just the other day. If you are lucky enough, you can activate your 3G for free as NTC often does that for free during promotions and events.
If you ask me “Is NTC 3G Internet as fast as that of Ncell?” My answer will be “Close enough”. How fast your Internet will be highly depends on where you live and how far the network towers are from your home.I am not saying that Ncell is all bad,either. It still has got better network than NTC but the gap is getting less to the extent that they are comparable. NTC mobile data is really worth trying. I myself was really surprised. At times when your Internet is not working or during time when you are away from home, NTC 3G will be bliss. Thank you for reading my post. Stay tuned and stay updated.


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