NTC launches WiMax Service in Nepal

NTC launches WiMax Service in Nepal
NTC has released WiMax Service in Nepal where the users can enjoy high speed Internet from their home as well as their offices. This is a good service for those  who don’t have NTC telephone line in Nepal. The new WiMax service doesn’t need NTC line in your home in order to use this service. This technology can be useful for people of villages where there is no access of telephone lines.
Currently, NTC is installing WiMax towers in Kathmandu as its initial project. Once the installation is done, NTC plans to continue this project and provide this facility to people of Pokhara. Once the installation is complete, you can enjoy your fast broadband Internet without any hassle . No wires, no cables. All you need is a Wi-Max installed adaptor which is pre-installed in many of the laptops. However, you will need to make sure that you are in near the range of tower which is providing the WiMax service.At present  WiMAX service is available in Kathmandu (around 5km-10km from our Data Center). You can test the signal strength first before you apply. The setup and activation of this service is very easy.

NTC launches WiMax Service in Nepal

WiMax technology may seem unreliable to many of you but it is in fact as reliable as your ADSL connection. NTC has stated this project to make sure that there is stable Internet throught the 75 districts of the country. For fellow readers who want to use this technology, do wait for a bit to be notified on how well WiMax technology works. Bookmark this page for further information about WiMax introduced by NTC. The only reason why you would want to hold back from buying this device is the fact that it requires different router which is really very expensive.

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